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Trading Strategies: Why you should date your trades rather than marry them

Trading a market is like serial dating.  It’s one where you have no interest in a long-term relationship or marriage. You get in, hold for a short period of time and then you exit. The date or the trade can either go well or go bad. But you know, it will come to an end. And then you will move onto the next date (trade). Here’s why you never want to ‘marry’ a trade…

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Bitcoin hits new all-time high – Can it continue?

Bitcoin price hit new all-time highs across the world last week. New highs were seen in the major currencies such UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Norway, China, and India. Even in SA, Bitcoin hit a new high in rand terms of over R1.2 million per bitcoin. Why has Bitcoin soared? And how high can it go in 2024?

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No such thing as a ‘safe stock’: Here’s a simple investing strategy that could beat most fund managers at their own game

I’ve never been a cautious investor. I like hitting sixes – and that’s why I’ve always liked investing in small cap and penny stocks… But I like to hedge the risks of these stocks to ensure I don’t blow up my portfolio. And today I’d like to show you why ETFs present a better option than picking so called ‘SAFE’ stocks from the JSE’s Top 40.

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AI Risks: Two major risks that could derail the AI boom

Have you seen Nvidia’s share price? Anyone who invested in this AI stock just a year ago is smiling – it shot up a blistering 234% in the past year. And this is not the only AI stock to have seen huge returns, the likes of AMD and Palantir have seen some significant ramp ups in share price! Of course with any hot new trend, there is always reason to be cautious before you dive in. That’s why, I thought it would be useful to consider the potential AI risks.

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The Art of Turning a Losing Stock into a Winning Bet

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling of watching a stock you invested in plummet? It can be discouraging, and you may wonder if there is any hope for redemption. But what if I told you that sometimes, the comeback story can be just as rewarding as the initial success? Today, we will dive into the intriguing topic of rebuying a losing stock.

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