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This kind of trading advice will ruin you!

There is a right way to motivate your trading and there is a wrong way. And as a new trader you’re likely fielding advice from all sorts of sources – youtube, tiktok! the financial media, as well as professionals and other novices. What’s sometimes difficult is to weed out the good trading advice from the bad and hopefully these four pointers will help you do that…

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Don’t ignore the profit-potential of share buybacks!

As you know, one of my favourite types of stock to look out for at Real Wealth are ‘special situation’ stocks. Because typically they present exceptional growth opportunity as a result of a special situation or event that arises. And share buybacks are just one such special situation.

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The only thing you will build with Trump’s meme stock is sand castles

A meme stock is the shares of a company that gain viral popularity under retail investors because of euphoric sentiment – usually because of rumours or pumping of the stock on social media or investment forums… The pandemic saw many of these so called meme stocks soar hundreds, if not thousands of percent. Most of the time these stocks fly upwards, not on their fundamental business case but purely because so many investors are blindly piling into them. Only a small amount of these stocks really have a strong business case. And that brings us to Trump’s meme stock – Trump’s Truth Social – or the Trump Media & Technology Group.

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How China’s first tech policy could derail US Chip companies future profits

Over the past couple of years, China and the US have been involved in a good old fashioned “tech race”. And now, China’s first tech policy is its most significant step in the global Tech War. So, what does it mean for investors in US chip companies?

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Copper 360: this JSE copper miner is about to DOUBLE…

I’ve written about Copper 360 before. This little copper miner joined the JSE in 2023 with a focus on processing historical mined copper dumps, and then pivoting into shallow copper mining… But since its listing the company’s made big progress, and it has just penned a new deal that will see it double copper production over night!

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