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About Us

FSP Invest is an independent investment research publisher, with more than 90,000 readers in South Africa.

We provide expert market insights, actionable ideas and top trade tips to meet your personal financial objectives.

We were founded in 1999, and are a division of  Fleet Street Publications (Pty) Ltd, the Johannesburg office of the international publishing group, Agora Inc.

Our connection with the Agora group gives us unprecedented access to a global network of top finance professionals, investing experts and thought leaders from The USA, to London, France, Australia, South America and even India. 

In addition, our local team of top investment research analysts have worked in the financial industry as stockbrokers, economists, and equity analysts at some of the most important money-management firms in South Africa and the world.
Our analysts and editors follow a range of investment strategies and are all experts in their individual fields including; Forex, currencies, resources, short-term futures trading, penny shares, income investments, market analysis, personal finance, technical analysis and value investing.

Unlike investment banks and brokerages, we are completely independent. We publish investment research and profitable ideas, but we do not provide brokerage services or manage money. This means you are assured of unbiased, impartial, independent ideas from our team of writers and market experts.
So whether you're a short, medium or long-term investor  - and are interested in equities, derivatives, commodities or currencies - you'll find all the information and ideas you need to make your money work for you, here at FSP Invest.

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