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Nvidia! Data Centres… and a profit-opportunity you cannot ignore!

On Wednesday , 22 May, the company leading the AI race – Nvidia – reported its first-quarter earnings. And they absolutely smashed investor expectations. The chipmaker beat analysts’ estimates on every single front. In fact, it was Nvidia’s most profitable and highest sales quarter ever! Now, when you investigate Nvidia’s results a little closer, it’s no surprise that the lion’s share of its record growth came from…

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What is “CODI” and how can it benefit you?

Let’s say you have R100,000 in a South African bank… Then something catastrophic happens… A serious credit or liquidity event impacts the bank where your money’s located. That triggers the bank’s collapse. Worried, you try to withdraw your money… Only for the bank to say, “we don’t have it”. Now, you’ve lost R100,000 in an instant. That’s where CODI can help.

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What can we learn from proven strategies of the World’s Greatest Investors

If you want to invest for big profits on a consistent basis – if you want to use the markets to build substantial and lasting wealth for yourself and your family – then it’s essential that you learn from the true masters of the art. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll examine the strategies of five of the world’s greatest investors.

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The 2024 silver price BOOM is just beginning…

At the beginning of 2024, I made two predictions in MoneyMorning….
1. Gold will hit $2,300
2. Silver will hit $30
Fast-forward to today, and gold’s already smashed past my target price – sitting at nearly $2,400. Meanwhile, silver is around $1 away from my target of $30. Well, today I’m going share the reasons for silver’s recent boom… And why it could be the start of a big rally in 2024.

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Don’t ignore the profit-potential of share buybacks!

As you know, one of my favourite types of stock to look out for at Real Wealth are ‘special situation’ stocks. Because typically they present exceptional growth opportunity as a result of a special situation or event that arises. And share buybacks are just one such special situation.

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How China’s first tech policy could derail US Chip companies future profits

Over the past couple of years, China and the US have been involved in a good old fashioned “tech race”. And now, China’s first tech policy is its most significant step in the global Tech War. So, what does it mean for investors in US chip companies?

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