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Your six-step checklist to start trading

Dear beginner trader, this one is for you!
I truly believe, the financial markets have never been more accessible, cost-effective, or innovative as they are today. What you have at your fingertips (for practically FREE), I used to pay anything from R7,500 to R25,000 a year for some charting and trading platforms. Here is your six-step checklist to start trading with success.

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4 Crucial trading metrics you need to establish before you trade with REAL money

If you want to separate the winners from the losers in the world of trading…
You need to know and understand your trading metrics. To establish your metrics, you need to have a winning back-tested strategy.
This helps to make your trading manageable and almost predictable.
Let’s assume you have paper traded a strategy and are ready to roll it out…
Let’s find out if you are ready to calculate these 4 metrics.

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