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  • If I only held one stock, it would be this
  • Everyone has favourites. A favourite food. A favourite colour. A favourite vacation spot. And, even though you'll never admit it, some people even have a favourite child. For me, this pertains to the world of stocks too. So, what is that one stock? The one I just have to hold no matter what anyone says? Well, it's a company that, for the longest time, operated in the shadows of its mai... ››› more
  • [14 May 2020]
  • How to expand your investment universe and tap into the online gaming mega-trend
  • I remember, when I was younger, how PC gamers were the social pariahs. Life was simple: The rugby players were the popular ones. The PC gamers were the geeks. How things have changed!   ________________________________________   ‘The Great JSE Takeover’    If you’d bought stock just before these companies were taken over... I'm talking about Absa, SA br... ››› more
  • [31 October 2019]

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