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  • The Week Ahead - Apple and Tesla share splits
  • Some big-name companies announced stock splits and today is an important day for investors. Apple (APPL) shares split four for one on Friday close. This means it will start trading today at 25% of its closing price of $499.23 on Friday. This is the fifth time its split in 33 years. If Apple never did these share splits, 1 share would be changing hands at almost $29,000, from an IPO price of $2... ››› more
  • [01 September 2020]
  • How to Profit from the Foshini Group Rights Issue
  • Last week our TFG short was closed out for a 133% geared gain, it has since rallied to above R69.00 on optimism around the JET acquisition news. However, Foshini also announce they are raising about R4bn in a deeply discounted rights issue. Today (21 July) is the last day to trade in the shares to be awarded the rights at a take-up price of R41.90 per share. What is a rights issue, you m... ››› more
  • [21 July 2020]
  • Take advantage of the Rand strength before it's too late - Invest Offshore
  • Rand strength over the last two months is now providing another opportunity for you to review offshore investment allocations. I'm always amazed at how many clients scramble for offshore investment after the horse has bolted and dither when they should take action. Finova's global portfolio returned 2,65% in USD for the 12-month period to 30 June 2020, a period that includes the Covid-19 Marke... ››› more
  • [14 July 2020]
  • Short BidCorp today, as its rally peters out
  • Bidcorp's share price is hitting a ceiling after a V-shaped recovery from the March lows. The R280 to R290 is an area of congestion for the share price and a sustained break above R290 is unlikely. The downside risk is a return to the R250 level. We'll look at the chart in a minute. Today marks BidCorp's financial year end and the past 6 months have been a tough environment with significant r... ››› more
  • [30 June 2020]
  • Bidcorp rally runs out of steam
  • Bidcorp's attempted breakout above the R320 per share resistance level failed, this is the third time since 2017 that Bidcorp's share price failed to move above R320. The share price has pulled back over 3% with further advances unlikely, investors should look to lock in profits as the share price is on a standard deviation of 2.4. This signals a pullback is likely, and a retracement has starte... ››› more
  • [25 June 2019]
  • For the first time in five years, I've added a new stock to my watch list!
  • If you've been reading some of my articles in Trading Tips and MoneyMorning, you'll probably know I'm quite a stubborn trader. Stubborn with the proven strategy and money management rules I've followed for the last 12 years. Stubborn with listening to the media and opinions of others. And stubborn with the number of shares I watch on a daily basis. In fact, I only look at 23 shares to tra... ››› more
  • [28 July 2016]
  • Here's why your Bidvest shares just dropped 67%!
  • “Francois, what happened? On Monday 30 May my Bidvest shares suddenly dropped by 67%? Isn't this is a blue chip share you recommended for South African Investor members?” - JJ If you own Bidvest shares you'd have noticed how the share lost 67% on Monday 30 May. And I'm sure it might have been a shock. Especially because the share is seen as such a safe, consistent share…   Bidvest... ››› more
  • [02 June 2016]

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