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Bitcoin Halving

  • Your Bitcoin Halving questions answered
  • Q. “I have read that there will be a Bitcoin Halving process taking place this month. I guess I have three questions I was hoping you can help answer. What is Bitcoin Halving, bitcoin blocks and when will it end?” A. These are all great questions as we are expecting to have the next Bitcoin Halving this month (May 2020).   Bitcoin Halving is a process where the number of Bitcoins... ››› more
  • [13 May 2020]
  • The most anticipated event in the crypto world in 2020 is coming next month…
  • I'm talking about the “Bitcoin Halving”. You might be familiar with this massive event…But simply, “Halvings” have been a boon for bitcoin investors in previous years. For instance… After the 1st halving in 2012, Bitcoin soared to over $1,000, in just 12 months - a +7,000% gain! Then following the 2nd halving in 2016, Bitcoin rallied 300% in just 12 months. The next... ››› more
  • [14 April 2020]

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