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Contrarian Investment

  • Two of my favourite contrarian investment ideas that can make you money in 2020
  • Sometimes taking a contrarian view of a market or investment, can pay off big time… One of my all-time favourite investors, Benjamin Graham, proved this nearly 100 years - during the Great Depression. When stocks crashed nearly 70%, Benjamin Graham didn't give up and avoid the stock market. In fact, he saw this as a perfect opportunity to make money by pinpointing bargain stocks from... ››› more
  • [06 January 2020]
  • For contrarian investors only…
  • On most days, you read the financial news and more than likely, you'll read negative headlines. Maybe it's a new crisis in the Eurozone; an “imminent bond crash”; or maybe it's the Rand crashing again. Whatever it may be, it's no surprise to hear many investors keeping their cash away from the markets right now. But as the saying goes, “out of crisis comes opportunity”. And today ... ››› more
  • [07 November 2016]
  • Stick to these three rules to help you become a successful contrarian investor
  • There are investors who take advantages of suppressed sectors of the stock market. Instead of following the investment crowd and avoiding hated sectors, the contrarian investor buys or holds on whilst other investors are selling. This is exactly what is going on in the resource sector at the moment. So how can you apply the principles of contrarian investing to your strategy? Read on to f... ››› more
  • [14 November 2014]
  • What sectors should you be watching as a contrarian investor?
  • Contrarian investors look to unloved sectors and shares on the stock market. Those that other investors hate and are ignoring. With the hint of a recovery, they jump in to ride the price higher. So if you're a contrarian investor, which sectors should you be looking at today? Let's take a closer look… Contrarian investing has the potential to make you staggering profits To be a... ››› more
  • [13 November 2014]

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