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  • Think that Facebook invite or cold call's NOT an investment scam? Think again!
  • With so many pyramid schemes and investment scams making headlines lately, you'd think investors would be more wary by now. “They're not,” says investment expert Francois Joubert. “People haven't learned their lesson and are still falling for these investment scams.” Here's how to make sure you're not one of them, especially on the back of news that Defencex's boss has just launched a new ... ››› more
  • [14 May 2013]
  • Revealed: Three warning signs that you're about to lose your investments to a Ponzi scheme
  • Ponzi schemes are in the headlines again! Today, Chris Walker, sole owner of Net Income Solutions (trading as Defencex), is set to finally defend his alleged Ponzi scheme. But there are doubts that Walker will even show up. While we wait to find out what will happen, use this time to safeguard your investments against Ponzi and pyramid schemes by checking for the three clear signs that you're abou... ››› more
  • [26 March 2013]
  • Use these two tips and you'll never fall for an investment scam again
  • The prevalence of investment scams like Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes shows just how easy it is to part a fool from his money. The Defencex scheme is the latest to hit headlines. It's been so widespread, over a thousand Defencex supporters attended the scheme's mastermind, Chris Walker's talk at the Linder auditorium on Saturday to hear what he had to say for himself. Don't land your money in a... ››› more
  • [12 March 2013]

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