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  • Its finals time!! This is your last chance to profit from the 2019 Rugby World Cup...
  • It's finals time! The 2019 Rugby World Cup is almost at an end but there are still two opportunities for us to profit! Third and fourth place will be decided on Friday between the defending champions and Wales. While South Africa look to take on England on Saturday, in what will be considered the most important game of the tournament.   Will South Africa stun the world and li... ››› more
  • [31 October 2019]
  • Breaking down 2019's biggest sporting events - Part 1 - The ICC Cricket World Cup
  • 2019 has arrived and we are already five months into the year! We need to start preparing for this year's two biggest sporting events. The Cricket World Cup & the Rugby World Cup. In order for us to get a head start on the competition, I'll be breaking down the first of these major sporting events starting on the 30th of May. The Cricket World Cup! So let's get started.   ... ››› more
  • [23 May 2019]
  • The new governor of the Bank of England puts his cards on the table
  • Earlier today, Mark Carney set out his plans for interest rates in the UK. The Canadian governor of the Bank of England promises to keep them low until employment gets below 7%. Let's have a closer look at what this means… In just over a month, the new governor has made some major changes. Carney is the first foreign foreigner in charge of the central bank in its 319 year history. The Ba... ››› more
  • [07 August 2013]

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