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Etfs Vs Unit Trusts

  • Unit Trusts or ETFs - Definitely ETFs!
  • In the last three weeks, one question constantly comes up in conversation with my friends, “What do you prefer, unit trusts or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)?” My quick answer is always ETFs. But then I'm bombarded with follow up questions asking, “What's the difference and why do you like them so much?” So, today, I want to put these questions to rest and explain once and for all, why... ››› more
  • [08 June 2016]
  • What is the most cost effective option for you, ETFs or unit trusts?
  • If you're looking to invest in a fund that tracks an index, you have two choices. You can invest in an exchange traded fund (ETF) or a unit trust. Since their introduction in November 2000, one of the often cited benefits of ETFs is they're cost effective. This goes against their unlisted counterparts, the unit trusts, which often receive criticism on the costs involved. But which is the che... ››› more
  • [20 March 2015]

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