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  • What investors must do when crypto prices crash
  • In what was one of the largest 24-hour market sell-offs this year, over $30 billion was dumped from crypto assets. At one stage, the largest crypto, bitcoin, was down around 20% as its price crashed to a three-month low of just over $7,800. While, many predicted a huge drop to around $8,000, it was still quite a shock to see it happen. So what caused the crash and what should crypto in... ››› more
  • [07 October 2019]
  • Does blockchain hold the answer to the internet's biggest challenge?
  • In the growing world of online, data privacy is of the utmost importance. Even more so if you're a company that stores people personal data. In this day and age, if you fail to protect personal data, you will suffer major backlash. Just take the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal - where Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal data of millions of people's Facebook profiles... ››› more
  • [29 July 2019]
  • Why Tether's major supply shift is good news for Ethereum investors
  • Tether is a name that comes up again and again in crypto. It's been called negative things like a ‘scam' and ‘fraudulent'.   On the other hand, as a stablecoin, it’s also been called ‘the most useful cryptocurrency in existence’, since its price is pegged to the dollar.    But today I’m not here to join in on this debate.     Instead, I’m going to sh... ››› more
  • [22 July 2019]
  • Crypto-currency terms you need to know
  • Q. “Timon you mentioned in your Monday article that the Ethereum updates will improve and protect social media. Could you give an example of a decentralised social media app and how does it differ from Facebook?”   A. Yes, in fact they plan to launch next week.   in June 2019 a start-up called Block.One managed to raise a record breaking $4.2 billion in the Initial Coin Offeri... ››› more
  • [05 June 2019]
  • Ethereum 2.0 - The next world computer
  • Last week we discussed how I'm expecting a huge price rally with the crypto-currency - Bitcoin.   If you missed the article, catch up here...   Today I'm going to follow up and show you why Ethereum, the second most popular crypto-currency, is nearly ready to become the next world computer, why I expect a rally and how you can profit from the price rally.    Recomm... ››› more
  • [03 June 2019]
  • These two charts show the crypto boom is just getting started
  • 2019 is shaping up to be a stellar year for crypto investors. If you bought the two biggest cryptos - bitcoin and ethereum - at the beginning of 2019, you'd be sitting on gains of 63% and 29% respectively. That's more than double the returns of the S&P500 and the JSE All Share. But, cryptos are more than just about prices and gains. There are bigger things happening behind the ... ››› more
  • [14 May 2019]
  • Is there any growth left in these two cryptocurrencies?
  • Over the past month, I've been receiving many questions from readers who are invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum. And the one question most South African crypto investors want to know the answer to is... “Does Bitcoin and Ether have any growth potential?” This isn't a surprise given that both these cryptos have fallen quite substantially this year. The thing is, so has the entire crypto ... ››› more
  • [16 July 2018]
  • If you're invested in crypto, then you're definitely going to like what about to share
  • Two weeks ago, you heard that the wealthiest families, the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds, are buying cryptos. I also explained the game-changing events happening in the crypto market right now - especially with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Quite frankly, we're on the cusp of something major in the crypto world. And if you're invested in crypto, then you're definitely going to like what about ... ››› more
  • [28 May 2018]
  • Beginner's guide to investing in crypto: Part three
  • In the earlier parts of my beginner's guide to investing in cryptos, I covered some general rules for investing in cryptos and the different types of cryptos. Today, we get to the fun part. In part three of my beginners guide to investing in cyptos, I'll briefly explain how to structure your crypto portfolio. But more importantly, I’ll take you through all the steps to buying crypto... ››› more
  • [05 March 2018]

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