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  • 20 questions every financial adviser should answer
  • Financial advisers are a dime a dozen in South Africa. Walk into any investment firm and you'll find them, sitting behind their fancy desks in their tailor-made suites and large offices crunching numbers. They come across as bold and confident and in some cases; their knowledge of the investment environment can be intimidating. But just because a financial adviser looks like he knows what he's... ››› more
  • [13 June 2016]
  • Would you trade in your financial advisor for a machine?
  • For some people, the term Artificial intelligence (AI) sparks excitement. For others, it may seem worrying and controversial. Many people embrace new technology as the key to building a better future for the world. Or as an instrument that can provide better productivity, more consistent results and reduce the perception of ‘human error'. Every single day, people strive to build the lat... ››› more
  • [17 November 2015]
  • How to choose the right financial advisor for retirement
  • There comes a time in everyone's life when one starts thinking more seriously about retirement. Whether retirement is quickly approaching and you feel that you are falling behind on your savings, or you want to make sure your retirement savings strategy is on the right track, it's recommended that you get in touch with a financial advisor who can help you choose the most suitable saving and in... ››› more
  • [08 October 2014]
  • How a lazy bugger financial advisor could cost you R14,949
  • A friend of mine, Isaac, decided that in addition to investing in individual shares he also wanted to save a monthly amount into an ETF. It's a hassle free way to save for the long run with lower risk than a share picking portfolio. So Isaac contacted his bank and asked his financial advisor which ETFs would be suitable to invest a monthly sum into. His advisor actually gave him a sensible comb... ››› more
  • [01 August 2014]
  • When I saw this my blood was boiling….
  • As our family's ‘Financial Expert' I always have family members coming to me for help. And this past week I received a mail from a family member asking me to have a look at a retirement policy of theirs and whether they should continue paying it past 55. When I saw its contents I was ready to explode. You see, this retirement plan my family member was pay towards wasn't benefitting him at ... ››› more
  • [10 February 2014]
  • Four things you need to know before handing over the ‘keys' to a financial advisor
  • When it comes to managing your financial welfare, a lot of people, especially retirees, turn to the services of a financial advisor. It seems to make sense, since they're the experts with your wellbeing in mind, right? But the thing is, hiring a stranger to do anything is always tricky, because there's always a judgment call that you must make when assessing the integrity and honesty of the perso... ››› more
  • [09 May 2013]
  • Revealed: The secret to making your retirement savings last more than three years!
  • Ready to retire? Not so fast. Sanlam's Benchmark Symposium, which it'll release on 14 May, shows levels of saving for retirement continue to be low. So low, in fact, that Moneyweb says the average retiree depletes his retirement lump sum in just three years! Here's how to make sure you're saving enough to live comfortably long into your golden years…   Most people look forward to retirem... ››› more
  • [02 May 2013]

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