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Gdp Growth

  • Pravin Gordhan believes South Africa will dodge another recession
  • So far this year, you've heard the word recession a lot. It's a real threat to the economy right now. The third quarter of 2015 saw 0.7% gross domestic product (GDP) growth - the fourth quarter saw 0.6% GDP growth. Results of the first quarter of 2016 shows the economy contracted 1.2%. Economists expected the economy to contract only 0.1%, which leads me to believe that nobody really knows... ››› more
  • [28 July 2016]
  • If you've invested in the BRIC nations, it's time to drop the 'R'
  • For years now everyone has been punting the BRIC nations. These are emerging economies with huge populations and massive growth. They include Brazil, Russia, India and China. And had you invested in these nations, you'd have done very well over the last decade. But the situation is changing… 23 years since it ended, President Barack Obama has said he feels the echoes of the cold war res... ››› more
  • [26 March 2014]
  • A brief look at World GDP in 2013 and where you should be putting your money now
  • As the world economy slowly crawls out of the recession, let's take a look back at World GDP over the course of last year. Let's see what progress we have made and where most of last year's economic growth came from. And where we can expect growth to come from next… Though it appeared the world economy was in a downward spiral in early 2013, the world economy suddenly grew at its fastest r... ››› more
  • [03 January 2014]
  • Three ways to tell if this bust commodity is about to boom in 2014!
  • Over the past three years IT stocks have run up 128%, retail shares have run up 87% and the JSEs All Share Index has done a little more than 41%. So where should bottom-fishing contrarians look for "left for dead" assets? One sector to consider is steelmaking… The world’s largest “Boom and Bust” sector might be set for a recovery in 2014 The steelmaking industry is one of the mar... ››› more
  • [06 December 2013]

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