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Gold Prediction

  • Bank a 489% profit from a rise in Gold
  • Happy New Year! I trust you had a fantastic festive time with your loved ones. I'm looking forward to helping you make 2019 your most successful trading year yet! I've spent the last two weeks, doing intensive technical analysis on all my charts on the watch list. Over the next five weeks I'll be sending you my top five predictions on gold, the JSE, the rand, the euro and oil. Here'... ››› more
  • [24 January 2019]
  • Revealed! My new target for Gold!
  • Gold is a funny creature. When the stock markets perform well, you'll see gold sleeping. When the economy is stable, the world at peace and there is nothing troubling in the media - it's like gold doesn't exist. And what I mean by this is that, gold goes sideways. But right now, as global turmoil rises, North Korea threatens a nuclear war, economies crumble as global debt accelerates a... ››› more
  • [21 September 2017]
  • Rare occasion: my gold prediction today is what the mass media also sees
  • If you haven't noticed by now, I don't get influenced by what's HOT in the media. Last week I spoke about my prediction, where I believe the rand will weaken to R16.80. If you missed it, you can look for the article "I was wrong". If you search MoneyWeb.co.za, the Star and Business Day live ,you'll see the media is bombarding readers on why the rand is expected to weaken. I like to write ... ››› more
  • [21 September 2017]
  • My BIG prediction where gold is going!
  • This year alone gold has dropped over $200. And all those gold bulls you hear on CNBC and in the newspapers are in trouble. You know I don't understand these golden bulls. They try to convince you to buy gold and sell everything else. It's gotten to the point where their EGO is more important than what's actually going on. But hold on, with a pompous headline like “My big prediction where ... ››› more
  • [05 August 2015]

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