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  • This new kind of ICO soared +500% in less than a week!
  • In a space of a week, Compound managed to become the top player in Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Between Monday 15 June and Monday 22 June, Compound: • Created a new kind of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and launched its COMP token • Its COMP token listed on Coinbase • Drew an extra $500 million into its DeFi lending platform And how incredible is this… it saw its COMP token ra... ››› more
  • [29 June 2020]
  • How a hit comedy show predicted a new way to steal your cryptos
  • Have you ever heard of the hit US comedy show called Silicon Valley? It's centred around five “geeky” guys who develop a start-up company in the hopes of striking it big in Silicon Valley. If you're into tech, this is a TV show you should definitely be watching. It's not a serious show, but this last season in 2018, Silicon Valley predicted a major development in the world of crypto.... ››› more
  • [26 June 2018]
  • How “unicorns” are the next “tulip bubble crisis” and how you can avoid them
  • Over 400 years ago in 1593, tulips were brought in from Turkey and introduced to the Dutch. Because they were unique, tulips were desired by the Dutch people, which made them fairly expensive. One day, the flower contracted a non-fatal virus called mosaic. Mosaic didn't kill the tulips but caused different colours to appear on the petals, which increased their rarity and value. Because of... ››› more
  • [27 October 2016]
  • About the company: Digicore Holdings Ltd [JSE:DGC]
  • Digicore Holdings concentrates on the provision of GSM and GPS fleet management systems. The company has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange… Full name: Digicore Holdings Limited Short name: Digicore Ticker: DGC Sector: Industrial goods & services – electronic & electrical equipment Five top facts about Digicore Holdings Fact #1: Digicore Holdings employs around 900 pe... ››› more
  • [25 December 2014]
  • How to invest in tech without losing your shirt
  • Investing in technology can be very alluring. For starters, there's the dream of making a massive profit on just one investment. If you can spot a tech giant of tomorrow when it's still a minnow, it can make you rich. If you had invested $1,000 in Microsoft shares in 1985, they would now be worth $450,000. And that's not including dividends. Read on to find out how to invest in tech without losing... ››› more
  • [03 October 2013]
  • Anglo settles with 23 miners over silicosis claims
  • Yesterday, the lawyer representing 23 miners who contracted silicosis revealed a settlement with Anglo. This case began in 2004. The settlement is the first of its kind in SA. Let's take a closer look at what went on… Anglo American South Africa “settled a lawsuit brought by miners who claimed they contracted silicosis while working” for the company, reports Fin24. Anglo said “the deal b... ››› more
  • [26 September 2013]

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