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Improve Credit Score

  • How to maintain a good credit score
  • Are you trying to keep your credit clean? When it comes to maintaining a good credit score, there are certain mistakes that should be avoided. Manage your credit by following these tips. 1. Create an emergency fund   If you don’t have an emergency fund, it’s time to start saving. Keep at least three months’ worth of savings in a special emergency fund, to use for unexpected situatio... ››› more
  • [19 November 2014]
  • Simple ways to improve your credit score
  • Many people are embarrassed to admit their credit card scores. Unfortunately, you can't improve your credit score overnight; it takes a few months to see actual results. One of the basic rules for improving your credit score is keeping the debt-to-credit ratio below 30 percent. Here are a few other strategies you can use to improve your credit score.   Check your credit report – this is ... ››› more
  • [24 October 2014]
  • Five ways to improve your credit score
  • Are you too embarrassed to admit your credit score? There are certain ways to improve your credit score in time, as long as you are determined to change your spending habits. Your credit score indicates your level of trustworthiness to potential lenders, banks, employers, landlords, or insurance companies. You should aim to have a higher credit score. The first thing you can do is check your ... ››› more
  • [10 September 2014]

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