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Investing In Funds

  • How to decide between ETFs and unit trusts
  • If you want to invest in tracker funds, you have two options available to you. You can invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs) or you can invest in passively managed unit trusts. So which is the best option for you? Read on to find out more… The differences between ETFs and unit trusts   There are a lot of similarities between ETFs and unit trusts.   Both these types... ››› more
  • [27 November 2015]
  • Delving into the different types of SA equity unit trusts on offer
  • Unit trusts can be a great investment vehicle. They're easy to invest in and you don't have to pick individual stocks. But you still need to make some decisions. You need to decide which types of unit trusts you want to invest in. If you want exposure to the South African stock market, you have four different types of funds to consider… How SA equity unit trusts work   With ... ››› more
  • [18 November 2015]
  • The benefit of investing in ETFs and unit trusts regularly
  • One of the advantages of investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and unit trusts is you can opt to invest monthly instead of via a lump sum as you would if you invested in shares. So why is this an advantage? Let's take a closer look… The advantage is rand cost averaging   By regularly investing on a monthly basis into ETFs or unit trusts, you benefit from rand cost averag... ››› more
  • [09 November 2015]
  • How to pick the best unit trusts for you
  • If you're looking for a way to gain exposure to the stock market without having to pick individual shares, unit trusts could be the ideal instrument for you. Unit trusts are extremely popular in South Africa and due to this there are hundreds from you to choose from. So how can you pick the best unit trust for you? Read on to find out… The different types of unit trusts   ... ››› more
  • [05 November 2015]
  • Investing in funds: Weighing up the costs of investing in ETFs and unit trusts
  • It's not surprising why so many people like investing in funds. It removes the need to pick individual shares to invest in and you can easily contribute to grow your investment over the long-term. The two most common types of funds in South Africa are exchange traded funds (ETFs) and unit trust funds. So what are the differences between the two types of funds? And which one is cheaper to... ››› more
  • [01 September 2015]
  • Use these three indicators when picking a unit trust to invest in
  • If you've decided that unit trusts are for you, the next thing you have to decide is which one. Firstly, you'll have to decide what type of unit trust. There are a vast array to choose from spanning from funds concentrating on South Africa's biggest companies to more sector specific ones. Once you know what type of unit trust you want to invest in, how can you weigh up which one's the best f... ››› more
  • [04 March 2015]
  • Understanding unit trusts: How they work and why they could work for you
  • If you want to start investing in the stock market, the idea of picking stocks may put you off. And that's not the only thing. You need to have a sizeable chunk of cash available to invest too. But you do have an alternative. And that alternative is unit trusts. Unit trusts take out all the worry of picking shares to invest in and they're affordable too. Let's take a closer look… ... ››› more
  • [23 February 2015]

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