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Jse Penny Stocks

  • Are the JSE's small caps good buys - or not?
  • There are 322 shares on the JSE with market capitalisations of lower than R5 billion. These shares (bar a few ETFs and Preference shares) we can call ‘small caps'. These are the smaller shares on the JSE that don't fit into the Top 40, or the Mid Cap indices. We can further segment these shares - looking only at PENNY SHARES. These are small caps with share prices below R10. Of these sha... ››› more
  • [11 December 2019]
  • Why I'm bullish on the Wescoal share price
  • On 29 September 2016 Wescoal announced it would issue 124,995,373 new shares to a BEE investor, for an amount of R211,410,862. At the time Wescoal's entire market cap was R440 million. So this is a big deal - it is nearly 50% of Wescoal's total share capital being added. Usually a deal that dilutes earnings as much as this one will, is a bad thing. Shareholders don't like it. But since... ››› more
  • [20 October 2016]

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