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Lazy Man's Way To Real Wealth

  • Warning: Don't invest a cent in ETFs until you tick these three boxes...
  • No other investment vehicle can give you access to a more diversified fund as quickly and cheaply as ETFs can. They're so popular, in fact, that there are over 4,000 ETFs available in the world right now. But the one thing people will never tell you is that not all ETFs are created the same. That's why today, I'll reveal the three most crucial boxes you need to tick before you invest your... ››› more
  • [11 February 2016]
  • Book review: The Lazy Man's Way to Real Wealth
  • I may write about the financial markets and investment opportunities on a regular basis, but there's one facet of investing that I haven't paid much attention to. This is exchange traded funds (ETFs). I used to be under the impression that ETFs weren't worth bothering with and trying to pick individual stocks for my own portfolio was the way to go. But I always keep an open mind and whils... ››› more
  • [09 November 2015]
  • How you can turn just R3,000 into over R1 million using ETFs
  • A balanced portfolio is the best way to grow your wealth over the long-term. Ideally you want exposure to the best companies on the stock market, property, the best dividend payers and gold. You may think that building a portfolio like this is beyond your reach, but you can get started with as little as R300 a month. And this has the potential to grow into over R1 million. So how can you... ››› more
  • [16 September 2015]
  • I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the property boom to hit…
  • These day's it seems like everyone I speak to has found a great way to make money. They keep telling me to put everything I have into property, before the big boom in property prices. They're convinced that, as the world leaves the memory of the financial crisis behind, buyers will come flooding back into the property markets and send housing prices through the roof. But I have my doubts... ››› more
  • [14 October 2013]

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