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  • Profit from “Wisdom of the Crowd”
  • Ever heard of the term “Wisdom of the Crowd”? It's a simple idea, first proposed by Aristotle in his work titled Politics. It states the collective opinion of a group of individuals is superior to that of a single expert. To illustrate this imagine you're at a carnival. A well-known game is to guess the number of sweets in a large jar. The most effective way to correctly gu... ››› more
  • [11 July 2019]
  • Who will raise the trophy at this weekend's Champions League Final?
  • This weekend we will see Tottenham & Liverpool meet in an all English Champions League Final. After two of the most dramatic European comebacks of all time, Liverpool will look to lift the trophy after knocking out Barcelona in one of the greatest comeback stories in the leagues history. Tottenham also had a great two-legged victory over Ajax, who are rising stars as a young team. Tottenha... ››› more
  • [30 May 2019]
  • The Super Rugby kicks off in 24 hours - Here's what you need to know to profit
  • With the Rugby World Cup happening later this year, the Super Rugby tournament is a gold mine of information. Not only will we be able to profit each week from the games but it will also give us key insight into which teams from which countries have the strongest players. But first, we need to analyse the game format and the 1st round of fixtures. Let's get started…   Recom... ››› more
  • [14 February 2019]
  • 3 Penny Stock predictions in this week's Q&A
  • Q. “I've recently bought Advanced Health shares. On Friday, the share price suddenly moved from around 90 cents down to 85 cents. Was there a news event announced or what happened? Where do you think the share price will move to next?”   A. Unfortunately, there has not been one SENS news announcement since December 2018. The news announcement only mentioned about the upcoming AGMs an... ››› more
  • [06 February 2019]
  • Use this simple strategy to make accurate Soccer predictions
  • The aim of any sports bettor is to make accurate predictions of what is likely to happen during an event. A common mistake most sports bettors make when trying to predict a game of soccer, is trying to predict everything. From the result of the match, number of corners, will both teams score, under/over; the list just goes on and on… Instead of trying to predict everything, focusing on o... ››› more
  • [24 January 2019]
  • Investing 101: Why you must ignore predictions and focus on what's important
  • On a daily basis, headlines bombard you. Whilst many of these headlines are promoting news events, a lot of them over exaggerate the underlying story. When it comes to the financial markets, this is certainly the case. After a roller coaster ride on the markets over the past couple of months, it's easy to see why you could think the stock markets are going to crash. But should you pay attent... ››› more
  • [09 October 2015]
  • Don't let predictions drive your trading decisions
  • When many people begin trading, they start listening to the stock market rumour mill. This can lead them to start guessing where the market is going next. Putting on trades based on these predictions is one way of quickly losing money trading. Let's take a closer look why and what you should do instead… Predictions tend to be pure guesswork Once you begin trading, you’ll become ... ››› more
  • [07 May 2015]
  • Bitcoin news: Three predictions for the digital currency in 2014
  • Bitcoin certainly held a lot of people's attention last year as its price ping-ponged all over the place. And Bitcoin hit the headlines as some governments tried to ban its use. But what is going to happen to the infamous digital currency this year? Read on to uncover three prediction for Bitcoin in 2014... As time goes on, a growing number of companies and investors are embracing Bitcoin, David... ››› more
  • [27 January 2014]
  • What to expect from Bitcoin in 2014
  • Bitcoin exploded onto the financial world last year. But it immediately became enveloped in controversy, with just as many predicting its imminent doom as were declaring it a revolutionary form of money. The Bitcoin news in 2014 will have less drama. But it will be far more important to the fate of the digital currency. So what lies in store for Bitcoin this year? Read on to uncover two prediction... ››› more
  • [24 January 2014]
  • A prediction tool: The basics of Elliott's wave theory
  • Some traders swear by Elliott's wave theory. But one this is for sure when it comes to this technical analysis tool - it is complex. There are reams written on it and how to use it and interpret it. But if you want to learn more about it, read on to uncover some of the starting points you need to know about… When it comes to using and interpreting Elliott wave theory, there are a number of key... ››› more
  • [22 January 2014]
  • Three predictions for the New Year
  • The onset of a New Year brings with it the promise of resolutions, such as hitting the gym five times a week. But despite our best intentions, they are difficult to keep. And despite investors' and traders' best intentions to change their behaviours, it's not always that easy. Read on to uncover three predictions for 2014… Here are three predictions on how investors are going to continue to hu... ››› more
  • [09 January 2014]

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