Profitable Pattern

  • The most profitable trading pattern I've used for the past 15 years!
  • Today, I'd like to show you the most profitable pattern I've used to trade the markets. This pattern is the one that's helped my Red Hot Storm Trader members bank double digit gains on a monthly basis. Now you might be thinking… Why would I want to reveal a pattern so powerful and profitable to you and today of all days? I want you to understand this pattern because, as we speak... ››› more
  • [07 May 2018]
  • If you're a South African trader, I hope I'm wrong with what I'm about to tell you!
  • What I'm about to reveal to you, could have a negative impact on your portfolio in the short to medium term. If you're a trader and you enjoying buying into the market like I do, then reading this could potentially save you from taking unnecessary losses. On a daily basis, I go over a specific list of charts including our main market, the All Share Index (ALSH). Today when I opened up the AL... ››› more
  • [26 September 2013]

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