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Property Stocks

  • What's going on with the JSE's property stocks?
  • Property stocks on the JSE have had an atrocious year. Right now, they're still around 46% lower than they were one year ago. We all know that many landlords, especially in the retail space, had empty shops and tenants that couldn't pay during the hard lockdown… But the property index has started a turnaround. Since 1 November 2020 the SA Listed Property Index (SAPY) is up 15.81%. ... ››› more
  • [03 December 2020]
  • Two signs that signal the end of the property market bull-run
  • Over the past 10 years, the South African listed property sector has easily outperformed its peers. Investors who've jumped on this rally early, would have made a fortune investing in JSE property companies. But the smooth-sailing returns delivered by the commercial property market are coming to an end. You see, listed property returns have halved for the last three years - 25.1% in 2... ››› more
  • [22 September 2017]
  • Movers of the Week - Plus 3 to buy and 2 to sell
  • Trump in the White House - America First! As President Trump was being inaugurated the markets appeared to be waiting for direction. The JSE closed slightly lower, down 0,6% and the major developed markets were little changed if not slightly softer. Currency and Commodity also appear to be in a holding pattern. Trump's speech was direct and unambiguous, watch-out as America puts its foot... ››› more
  • [24 January 2017]
  • How to become a property developer and landlord - overnight!
  • There's no denying it. Property is one of the best performing sectors of the JSE, year in, and year out. In fact, a quick look at the SAPY property index shows that it returned 1,035% between the start of August 2004 and August 2016. In comparison the JSE All-Share index returned 626% including dividends… Clearly property is a top performing sector. What's even better - with list... ››› more
  • [31 August 2016]
  • Is this the beginning of the end of the South African property market?
  • If you're an avid investor, you should know the South African listed property market had a great performance in 2014. The Sapy index delivered a 26.6% total return (including dividends), surpassing the JSE All Share Index by 16.6%. Property stocks had a terrific run. But the surging run from property has slowed down. Property market returns have shown a noticeable decline in 2015. S... ››› more
  • [24 June 2015]

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