Psychology Of Trading

  • The most important lesson you'll learn in 2018
  • This year I'm throwing away a word from my vocabulary. I believe it's useless. You've heard it every year from friends, family and even yourself. And I guarantee you've tried to apply it. You might think you need it to be a successful trader, business person, family man or even just a friend. In fact, you might disagree with me heavily while you're reading this. But in the end, y... ››› more
  • [29 January 2018]
  • The three easy steps to profitable trading
  • I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing from people how difficult trading is. They say things like, 'You might as well go to a casino', 'go big or go home' or 'trading is the biggest profit scam on earth'. Only those who've not found trading successful would say these absurd statements! I've been making a living from trading for the last seven years, and it's been an enthralling ... ››› more
  • [03 September 2013]
  • Eavesdrop on a conversation with one of SA's top traders
  • I've been trading and investing in the stock market since my second year at varsity. One thing I've realised is there's simply too much to learn without someone to help you along the way. But for every good trading mentor out there, there are hundreds of bad ones. Over the years I've only met around ten people I consider to be really top traders. And one of them is Timon Rossolimos. ... ››› more
  • [02 September 2013]

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