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Retire Rich

  • Eight reasons you won't have enough to retire - Here's what you need to do right now!
  • You won't have enough money to retire. I know I sound like the harbinger of doom, but it's a reality that you and most South Africans need to face up to. Now you might be asking, why am I saying this about you? Well, I am only looking at the statistics. The Financial Planning Institute of South Africa says less than a quarter of South Africans can afford to retire. If you think that's ... ››› more
  • [11 August 2016]
  • How to prepare for retirement
  • When you retire, you want to be in a financially secure position. This means taking the time now to plan and ensure that you stick to specific retirement planning goals so you achieve this end goal. Read on to find out more… What you need to do before you hit retirement You need to take steps now to ensure that retirement isn’t a time when you’re worrying about money. To do th... ››› more
  • [21 December 2015]
  • WARNING! Your current retirement plan could lead you to financial ruin
  • Do you remember the ad where the old man sits by the fire eating cat food, because he didn't plan for his future and now he's too poor to afford anything else? Well, the scary thing is that's not far-fetched at all! That could be you in 20 years or so! All because you didn't think your retirement through properly. So saying you need the right retirement plan is an understatement. Th... ››› more
  • [11 December 2013]

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