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Rights Issue

  • Rights Issue on the Horizon? It's time to Short TFG!
  • If you have ventured to your local shopping mall you will see one of the most important elements missing… Shoppers. Shopping malls resemble ghost towns more than anything else. And that isn't going to change anytime soon as consumers are still under financial pressure, don't want to be in busy places and are trying to move to more online shopping. The shift to online shopping is something mo... ››› more
  • [26 June 2020]
  • Getting to grips with stock market jargon: What is a rights issue?
  • When a company wants to raise funds, one option is has is to do it via a rights issue. So what is a rights issue? And what does it mean for existing shareholders? Read on to find out… Why a company opts for a rights issue A rights issue is a way that listed companies can raise funds on the stock market. Rights issues used to be one of the most popular ways a company would raise fu... ››› more
  • [06 April 2015]
  • Don't want to take up a rights issue? Sell them instead…
  • If a company you own shares in declares a rights issue, you don't have to take up the right to buy new shares. Instead of letting your rights issue offer expire worthless, make sure you sell them on. So how can you do that? Read on to find out… What is a rights issue? A rights issue is when a company decides to raise money by selling new shares to its existing shareholders. A ... ››› more
  • [05 December 2014]
  • Faced with a rights issue? Here's what to do…
  • In order to generate extra cash, a company may decide to declare a rights issue. A rights issue is for existing shareholders. It give existing shareholders the right to buy more shares in the company at a discount. So if facing such a decision, what should you do? Let's take a closer look… What should you do with a rights issue? When a company you own shares in offers you a rig... ››› more
  • [21 November 2014]
  • The ins and outs of a rights issue
  • You own shares in a company and it announces a rights issue. So what is a rights issue? How does a rights issue work? And what are your options? Let's take a closer look… What is a rights issue? One of the major reasons that companies to list on the stock market is so they can raise money. They just have to create new shares to sell to investors. One way a company can do this ... ››› more
  • [27 October 2014]
  • Trading contracts for difference (CFDs) come with many of the benefits of owning shares
  • When you trade CFDs, you benefit from a number of advantages. And you can also benefit from what happens to the share itself and that's not just a movement in the share price. You can gain from dividend payments amongst a whole host of other things. Let's take a closer look at these additional benefits when you trade CFDs… Trading contracts for difference (CFDs) have a number of benefits, the ... ››› more
  • [20 January 2014]
  • ABIL reports a massive increase in bad loans
  • Earlier today, African Bank Investments Ltd (ABIL) released its results for the year to the end of September. The bank saw a huge increase in bad loans. Let's take a closer look at what Abil's results showed… Abil said that it posted an “88% plunge in full-year earnings,” reports Fin24. This as the bank struggles to contend with “a sharp increase in bad loans”. Headline earnings ca... ››› more
  • [11 November 2013]
  • Shareholders snap up Gijima's rights offer - but was it the right thing to do?
  • The deal is done! This after “shareholders in JSE-listed Gijima have taken up 81.9% of the three million shares the company put up in a rights offer to raise R150 million, with the balance being underwritten,” reports itweb. But is the deal as lucrative as investors hope it will be? When a company engages in a rights issue, there’s always speculation on the reason why and whether it’ll ... ››› more
  • [25 June 2013]

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