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Rsa Retail Savings Bonds

  • One of the most attractive investment options for low-risk investors right now
  • The other day, while making my morning coffee, a work colleague asked me about an opportunity to earn an 11.5% return on a fixed-term bond investment. And she wasn't talking about RSA Government Retail Bonds. She was talking about investing in a Participation Bond Fund, specifically the FedGroup Participation Bond Fund. When you invest in a Participation Bond Fund, money is pooled with oth... ››› more
  • [21 July 2016]
  • Why you should lend the government money
  • It's simple, lending money to government is a guaranteed income bearing investment. Most investors fail to recognise the value in this form of investing. Yet, it's hugely important if you want to bank more than just capital profits on your investments. If you lend money to someone, you want to know that you're lending it to a person who can pay it back, along with the interest you charge. ... ››› more
  • [15 June 2016]
  • How to pick the right government retail bonds for you
  • Government retail bonds, or RSA Retail Savings Bonds to give them their formal name, are a way of investing your money for the long-term. By lending the government money by buying these bonds, you receive interest payments twice a year for the term of the bond. When the bond matures, you receive your initial investment back. If you want to buy government retail bonds, you need to decide whic... ››› more
  • [25 August 2015]
  • What to consider before tying your money up in RSA Retail Savings Bonds
  • One popular way to invest your money at low risk is RSA Retail Savings Bonds. You can choose between buying fixed-rate bonds and inflation-linked bonds over various terms. Whilst these bonds can be a good way to earn interest on your cash, they have their drawbacks. Read on to find out more… What are RSA Retail Savings Bonds? When you buy RSA Retail Savings Bonds, you’re len... ››› more
  • [28 May 2015]
  • Looking for a safe investment vehicle? Consider RSA Retail Savings Bonds…
  • If you want to put some cash away for the long-term, look at RSA Retail Savings Bonds. Buying these bonds has a number of advantages. So what exactly are RSA Retail Savings Bonds? And why should you buy them? Read on to find out… RSA Retail Savings Bonds explained When you buy RSA Retail Savings Bonds, you’re lending money to the South African government. In return for this l... ››› more
  • [19 May 2015]
  • Should you opt for fixed-rate bonds or a fixed deposit accounts?
  • If you're saving up for a specific goal or don't need access to some of your cash for a while, what are your options when it comes to low-risk investments? You could opt to put your cash in the bank in a fixed deposit account or you could buy RSA Retail Savings Bonds. So which is the better option for you? Read on to find out… What are RSA Retail Savings Bonds? RSA Retail Savin... ››› more
  • [15 May 2015]

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