Santa Rally

  • Don't bank on a Santa Claus rally this year - but don't exit your investments just yet
  • History shows that stocks go up around 75% of the time during December. What's more - the gains they post are typically bigger than for other months as well. The MSCI All Country World Index, which measures equity returns from 23 developed and 24 emerging markets, has declined just six times in December over the past three decades. That's gotten many investors and fund managers hopeful fo... ››› more
  • [13 December 2018]
  • Are we in the midst of a Santa rally?
  • Historically, buying stocks in mid-December is one of the most opportune times. This marks the time of year when a ‘Santa rally' can occur. So what exactly is a Santa rally? And is there going to be one this year? Let's take a closer look… What is a Santa rally? A Santa rally covers the last two weeks in December. That is from market close on 15 December through to market close ... ››› more
  • [22 December 2014]

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