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Starting A Business

  • Book review: Home Business Tycoon
  • Have you ever watched The Apprentice? It's a show I really enjoy. I love watching the candidates trying to impress Donald Trump to secure a job. Watching this type of show also makes me think about how Donald Trump and others like him have made their wealth through business. All businesses at some time of another started small. And through hard work, determination and a pinch of luck, the be... ››› more
  • [26 January 2016]
  • How to find the perfect home business opportunity
  • If you struggle to pay your dues from month to month, a home business could be the perfect solution. Starting your own home business could give you the chance to make much needed extra cash. So which home businesses ideas are worth considering? And how can you choose the perfect one for you? Read on to find out... The makings of a perfect home business If you’re looking to make... ››› more
  • [20 October 2015]
  • Four traits of successful entrepreneurs
  • Successful entrepreneurs who make it big tend to share some specific traits. So it you're a budding entrepreneur, what can you learn from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates? Read on to find out… Successful entrepreneur trait #1: Not relying on luck Successful entrepreneurs don’t think luck plays a part in their success, Mark Forbes in The Crux explains. Take a recent p... ››› more
  • [14 August 2015]

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