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  • 13 Quick Questions Jim needed answers to before he joined Red Hot Storm Trader
  • “Hi Timon, I'd like to bank an extra income a month while I'm in lock down… I am a 52 year old male and I would like to leave quarantine with a strong foundation with trading and maybe even a decent amount of income. Before I join would like to ask you just 13 quick questions. Please can you answer them briefly.” ~ Jim P NOTE: You'll find the answers below each question… __... ››› more
  • [20 May 2020]
  • Six “AMAZING” Reasons To Join Timon's Red Hot Storm Trader Service TODAY
  • I received an email the other day from David Deebs… I'll leave you with the question he asked which I'm sure will resonate with a lot of my Trading Tips members…     “Timon, I’m still umming and ahhing whether this Red Hot Storm Trader Service is what I’ve been looking for to generate an extra income for my future. I think the final decider will be when I see WHY this... ››› more
  • [18 May 2020]
  • One of the easiest ways I've found to profit from the markets
  • In all of my years in financial publishing... I have rarely come across an easier way to profit than this. Really... It doesn't matter if you haven't traded before... It doesn't matter if you've tried a different technique and it didn't work out for you... And it doesn't matter if you trade so regularly you think you won't have time to add these ‘pickpocket trades' to your da... ››› more
  • [06 November 2017]
  • Volatility is back and if you're a trader - Welcome to paradise!
  • There is nothing a short term break-out trader hates more than, a sideways market that doesn't move much. When the market is directionless, there are so few trading opportunities to make big and quick gains. Well, for the last five years, the market has been flat and boring and profitable trades have been very scarce. But now the SAVI index is telling traders that there's a ‘profit pa... ››› more
  • [13 March 2014]
  • How you can profit from a trading system with a win rate of over 84%
  • Since the beginning of October last year, this trading system hasn't had a single losing trading. And over the past 12 months, the rate of winners over losers is a staggering 84.2%. So how can you get your slice of gains like 105%, 144.93% and 101.04%? Read on to discover the secret… The real beauty of short-term trading is that it's perfect for making profits in any market. That's bec... ››› more
  • [13 February 2014]

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