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Vergelegen Wine

  • Vergelegen: A vineyard producing true legacy wines
  • Many wine collectors let quirky, modern branding seduce them into an inferior wine. But the true collector knows that wine with a legacy becomes more valuable with time. Here are the benefits of buying wine from a historically rich background, and why Vergelegen is a wine collector's dream… When it comes to buying investment quality wines – wines that can go into your wine rack and impress y... ››› more
  • [07 August 2013]
  • If you're looking for collectible wines, you can't go wrong with Vergelegen
  • As any art collector will know, a Rembrandt or Van Gogh is worth far more than a painting from an unknown artist in Ghana. It's the same with fine wine. And they don't get much more collectible than the wines artfully produced at Somerset West's world renowned Vergelegen Wine Estate… Anyone can be a wine lover. But to be a true wine connoisseur, you need to fill your wine rack with the ve... ››› more
  • [24 July 2013]

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