• How does the weather affect the outcome of a soccer game?
  • When it comes to betting on soccer there are a few basic indicators every newcomer needs to know. Namely: A team’s form Head-to-head statistics Points per game   But sharp sports bettors know to take into account and analyse the effects that a new stadium might have, or the time period between fixtures and most important…   How the weather influences a g... ››› more
  • [04 July 2018]
  • Floyd Mayweather takes punches like a trader!
  • Watch below to see how Floyd Mayweather defends his matches like I defend my losses. Always remember, “Wisdom yields Wealth” Timon Rossolimos Senior Editor: Trading Tips  Head Analyst: Red Hot Storm Trader Author:          94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time ... ››› more
  • [15 May 2015]

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