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What Is A Trend

  • Trading 101: Always trade with the trend
  • You've probably heard the stock market adage: The trend is your friend. It is. The trend is something you should pay close attention to when you're trading. Trade against it and you're likely to lose money. Let's take a look at why the trend is so important when it comes to trading… Why you should trade with the trend You should never disregard the trend or try to trade against it... ››› more
  • [06 October 2015]
  • Trading basics: How to identify trends
  • Every successful trader knows that the trend is your friend. Trading with the trend is one way to increase your chances of making profits in the market. So how can you find out when a trend started? And how do you know when a trend ends? To find this out, you need to use trend lines. Read on to find out more about using trend lines… How to find trends on charts Trends are at th... ››› more
  • [21 July 2015]
  • Why the trend really is a trader's friend
  • You've most likely heard the stock market adage ‘the trend is your friend'. As a trader, you might want to try to ignore a trend by attempting to time a turning point in the market. But to improve your chances of trading success, you should trade with the trend. Here's why… The ins and outs of a trend A trend describes the general direction in which a financial instrument mov... ››› more
  • [25 May 2015]
  • Understanding the cornerstone of technical analysis: The trend line
  • The basis of technical analysis is using historic price movements, trends and patterns to try to predict what's going to happen next in the market. Over the years, the topic of technical analysis has become vast and complex. But before you can think about delving deeper into the subject, you need to understand the basics. The trend line is one of the most fundamental aspects you need to unde... ››› more
  • [14 January 2015]
  • An introduction to spotting trends in the forex market
  • To become a successful forex trader, you need to be able to identify trends. The best way to begin is to understand where trends come from in the forex market. And to get to grips with the three main trends that dominate the forex market. Let's take a closer look… What are trends in the forex market? Cycles in the forex market make up trends. Identifying these cycles is an importa... ››› more
  • [17 September 2014]
  • Trading strategies: The most important concept in technical analysis
  • Technical analysis is one facet of investing that can lead to confusion. Some traders swear by it. Other traders view it as a lot of old hog wash. So what is technical analysis? And what is the most important aspect of technical analysis that you can apply to your trading? Let's take a closer look… ****************************************************** Do you want to earn an extra R8,589 per ... ››› more
  • [18 April 2014]
  • The trend line is basic market psychology at work
  • You've not doubt heard the stock market saying, the trend is your friend. But how do you know what the trend is? When the market is undoubtedly bullish, it's easy to see the uptrend, but sometimes it can be difficult to see. That's when you need to look at trend lines. Read on to find out why the trend line is basic market psychology at work… Trend identification is the cornerstone of a succes... ››› more
  • [25 October 2013]

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