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What Is Factor Investing

  • If you want to give factor investing a go, here are the best strategies…
  • There are a whole host of different investment strategies to try out. Over recent years, factor investing has grown in popularity. Factor investing involves picking stocks using different metrics such as value and momentum. So which factor investment strategies perform the best? Let's take a closer look… What is factor investing?   The basis of factor investing comes down... ››› more
  • [10 November 2015]
  • Factor investing: An investment strategy that's pulling in the big bucks
  • ‘Factor investing' is all the rage at the moment. Also called ‘smart beta,' many exchange traded funds (ETFs) are using this strategy to great effect. JP Morgan estimate that funds using this strategy hold assets of nearly $400 billion. A rise of more than 200% over the past five years. So what is factor investing all about? And why is it growing in popularity? Read on to find out…... ››› more
  • [09 July 2014]

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