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To make it impossible for you to miss out:
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To make it impossible for you to miss out:
1. It’s FREE
2. Read on to claim your copy now!

Dear Reader,

The crypto market is BOOMING in 2021!

  • Uniswap soared +994%

  • Cardano rallied +661%

  • IOTA is up by +600%

  • Binance Coin rose +1,579%

  • Ripple grew +549%

(01 January 2021 – 30 April 2021)

But not like the crypto price mania that happened in 2017 and 2018…

That’s because the next wave is about to happen… And I’m not talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency for that matter!
You see, it won’t be ordinary investors that will drive the next crypto boom…it will be:


These are what Forbes coined the billion dollar blockchain babies.

Multi-billion dollar companies who have already invested or are investing in blockchain technologies and/or are creating their own crypto products and developing their own trading platforms and desks.
Blockchain will revolutionise all types of industries and their profits.

That’s because blockchain technology helps companies bring down, cost to serve, cost to the end customer, and it delivers a more efficient system.

Take companies like Barclays, De Beers and Unilever

Barclays is the UK’s second-largest bank – it uses blockchain technology to streamline fund transfers and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes.

And because blockchain is immutable, it creates a chain of information and data that companies can rely on.

Diamond giant, De Beers uses a blockchain platform called Tracr to regulate their supply chain management system and track any size of diamonds from the mining site to the retail store.

Unilever uses blockchain to manage the tea industry. The technology helps the company track all of their transactions in the supply chain, and track the suppliers to ensure the highest quality in every step.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more…

Siemens, Shell Pfizer, DHL, Walmart, Ford, Visa and HSBC to name a few…

Then there’s crypto trading platforms and other crypto products

  • The 4th biggest investment fund on the planet – FIDELITY, with $8.32tn in private capital under its care – has launched a ‘crypto custody’ service so its millions of clients can invest securely in cryptos.
  • The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) – which owns the NYSE – launched a futures exchange and digital assets platform – called Bakkt.ICE partnered with heavyweights like Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, and Starbucks to name a few.
  • Computing giant IBM inked a deal to work with 6 banks to issue cryptocurrencies to retail customers.
  • The world’s largest digital currency asset manager – Grayscale – announced that demand in its Bitcoin Trust alone soared with $719.3 million worth of inflows in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Assets under management have rallied 147%, making it one of the fastest growing investment products!
  • $253 billion giant PayPal announced its 300 million users can now get involved in crypto transactions.
  • $92 billion fintech guru, Square, recently bought $50 million worth of bitcoin…

 And even governments are acknowledging a future with crypto!

And the biggest news of all… 

Remember, India has a population of 1.3 billion, second only to China, and growing at a much faster rate. And it’s also the world’s third biggest economy.
This could arguably be the most compelling crypto news… ever.
Until now India has been completely excluded from any kind of crypto participation, and now all at once, the world’s third biggest economy is allowed to join the game.
Cryptos have come a long way since the birth of bitcoin + 10 years ago. And yet we still haven’t fully realised the technology’s potential.
One thing’s clear: Cryptos aren’t dying anytime soon.
Even our resident crypto expert Sam Volkering believes, “The next phase of mad-money crypto mania is right around the corner.”
And if there’s one person who knows everything about the world of cryptos, it’s Sam.
You see, Sam started buying bitcoin way back in 2011 at a time when it was selling for just $12. This is way before most regular folks like you and me even knew what crypto was.
There are a few ways you can look at this, but I can tell you for sure that this wasn’t just a lucky punt.
He also bought Ripple in 2015 and sold it just over two years later for an eye-watering 21,045% profit…


Enough to turn just R500 into more than one hundred grand.
He invested in cryptocurrency when everyone said he was mad because he could see the bigger picture — a picture many people still refuse to accept.
My point is, when you want to know what’s next for the cryptocurrency market, Sam Volkering is the guy you want to listen to.
Sam is not only certain that cryptocurrency is here to stay, he also says a new crypto boom is imminent.
Just as I’ve mentioned above, Sam says it will be big business that leads the resurgent crypto boom. And that the crypto assets targeted by some of the world’s major corporations are the ones you need to get hold of right now. I’m talking about the biggest names in tech and finance, like Facebook, JP Morgan and IBM.
Forbes editors have identified more than 50 big companies actively exploring crypto and blockchain technology.
The fact these companies are piling into crypto is a big vote of confidence.
These big corporations are not looking to invest heavily in encrypted technology next year or even tomorrow. They’re all investing now.

Should you be?
Well, Sam says so!
This is for the man on the street who wants the chance to turn pocket change into a meaningful amount of money. 
And the best part is….
You don’t need to know ANYTHING about the stock market or need any special skills to profit from this phenomenon.
Anyone who has access to the internet…
Anyone who can spare a small sum (even just R500) to put into this…
Anyone who is intrigued by this boom and just wants a way to get started…
CAN make a huge profit from this erupting market.
But first, I want to cover a very important point – because I want you to take a ‘know everything’ approach.

Is it risky?

Yes. But maybe not in the way you think…
No doubt this market is inherently volatile. Some cryptos have been known to go bust altogether.
To be fair, that can happen if you invest in a bad small or microcap company on the stock market too. It’s a risk inherent to investing – you have to only stake money you can afford to lose for that very reason.
It’s a new and exciting phenomenon.
The cryptocurrency market is totally different. It’s for the man on the street. It allows “the little guy” to make the kind of money usually reserved for City investors or Wall Street “insiders”.
Almost anyone can stake R500, R1,000 or R2,000 in a crypto opportunity… as long as it’s money they’re not worried about losing… they can move the needle on their wealth massively in one hit.
If you lose R500 or R1,000 I doubt you will lose much sleep over it. As long as you are comfortable with the risk – fill your boots.
In my view, that makes this as pure and exciting an opportunity as I’ve ever seen. And early movers are snapping up the chance to claim the huge profits on the table…
You can do the same!
All you need to know is which cryptos could make you a fortune in the coming years…

These three cryptos are set to
ride the next crypto wave

There are three cryptos that I believe will form the foundation of the next phase of the crypto revolution!
The first crypto king – one of three cryptos I want to share with you today…has massive potential!
…This crypto speeds up networks where most slow them down.
…This crypto has zero transaction fees
…And it has the Blockchain 50 as its customer!
It’s set out to be the protocol standard for machine-to-machine transactions, infinitely scalable, this crypto king will enable the Internet of Things (IoT) to cope with the mass of data that is being created.
Consider this your second chance!
Now imagine you had a second chance at investing in the earliest stage of the internet.

Just think of the fortunes made…

Now imagine how this crypto could present your second chance!

That’s because it provides a global platform that all future industry could exist on.
In fact, some of the Blockchain 50 have already invested in this crypto’s technology.
Companies like JP Morgan, Amazon and Microsoft.
In short, the potential of this crypto project and the value of its coin is huge. Maybe even bigger than Bitcoin!

This bring me to my third crypto company…
The “Future of Finance” will be built on top of this Crypto

‘Decentralisation’ is a word you constantly hear throughout the crypto world. And there’s a good reason for this…

It forms the foundation of everything in crypto.

The idea that you don’t need to rely on a central authority to make things work – be they financial transactions, contracts, proof of ownership, proof of identity… anything – is what crypto is all about.

And that’s where DeFi or ‘decentralised finance’ comes in…

Just as bitcoin allows you to make payments without a bank, DeFi allows you to create an entire financial system without banks or central authorities.

And this could overtake every area of traditional finance, because it makes things cheaper and more efficient.

That’s why I’ve put all the details of these three crypto companies into a special report, titled The Three digital currencies set to ride the next crypto wave!

All you have to do is take the next step!

Crypto Wealth Package

I’ve put together this special crypto wealth package. So whether you have R500 or R5,000 to punt on these rocketing cryptos…
This wealth package shows you how to make it work for you.
I am determined to make you one of the most clued-up people in South Africa on this insane market… 
And open up to you scores more opportunities to help you grow your personal wealth.
Here’s how I’m going to do that:

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We are living through a technological revolution.
Cryptocurrencies are a big part of that story… this is a financial revolution minting an unstoppable wave of new wealth.
But there is more to this tech wealth driven revolution – so much more! Right now, staking your money in firms targeted through smart algorithms could provide you a huge return on your cash.
And I’m here to show you how to take advantage.
Hi My name is Josh Benton. 
As Editorial Director of the South African chapter of one of the biggest global private wealth management clubs in the world, I’m able to provide my members access to some of the best investment ideas from some of the most successful thought leaders and investors around the world. And that’s how I met Sam Volkering, through our global alliance.
Over the past few years, using the South African Investor network, I have shown readers how to capitalise on  the markets whether it’s exploding or imploding – homing in on solar stocks, battery tech firms, companies pioneering logistics and cutting edge mining firms who are changing the face of mining in South Africa.
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And founder of both the South African chapter and the global Agora, Bill Bonner, is widely sought out for his predictions on gold and the future of fiat currency
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