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46.36% on Bidcorp!

22.67% on Symrise

13.64% on Anglo American

51.02% on Nedbank

37.32% on Symrise

87.30% on Vodacom

Don’t miss your chance to ‘pickpocket’ the global financial markets and profit for the next 3 months,
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Dear Trader,

In this letter, you’ll discover a fast paced, short-term trading service that takes advantage of a little-known investment strategy to make fast and effortless gains of R2,000 to R10,000 every few weeks. And you can start with as little as R10,000!

You won’t find a simpler or more affordable way to profit from offshore markets from the smallest move in a share price.

South Africa’s economy is taking strain so there’s no better time to profit from global markets – whether it’s forex, resources or listed multinationals like BAT, Nike, Gold, or the South African Rand.

Part of the magic of this type of trading is you can make money when prices fall too – shares, resources and forex don’t have to increase in value for you to make money!

In fact, I’m so sure that you’ll make substantial gains from the thrilling world of ‘pickpocket’ trading that I’d like to offer you the opportunity to receive three whole months of profit-making alerts totally RISK FREE and without obligation.

Within a matter of weeks, you could have been making good money from pickpocket trades like these:

  • In only  19 days you could have made a gain of 55.65% thanks to fluctuations in the US Dollar.  
  • In just 22 days you could have made a 46% gain from this foodservices giant, Bidcorp!  
  • With the powerful leverage in pickpocket trading you could have made a 13% gain in just a matter of days speculating on price fluctuations on Anglo American! 
  • Since January 2023 Pickpocket Trader members have already secured 399.88% cumulative gains.  Now isn’t that the way you want to trade every year!

Not only is this one of the easiest ways to trade the markets, it’s so quick you could have ‘pick-pocketed’ your first profit in the short time it’s taken you to read this far

In all of my 23 years trading the markets…

I have never found an easier way to profit.


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t traded before…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried a different technique and it didn’t work out for you…

And it doesn’t matter if you trade so regularly you think you won’t have time to add these ‘pickpocket trades’ to your daily routine…

You CAN do this. I’m sure of it.

You see, you don’t need to spend hours going through some boring manual, break the bank installing a load of expensive software that analyses the markets, or waste your free time comparing one complicated chart against another…

Because I will do ALL of that for you.

All YOU need to do is have your mobile phone at the ready.

As soon as I spot an opportunity, I’ll slide open my mobile and text you the details of a trade that will take no more than a couple of minutes to action. (I’ll show you how quick it is in a moment.)

Really, this isn’t one of those things that are quick if you’ve been doing it for years but takes ages if you’re just starting out…

By the second time you do this yourself you’ll be able to react to my text in a matter of minutes, which is amazing really, when you consider in that brief time you could pickpocket a profit of R2,187, R5,464 or even R10,071…

And remember, you can do so with as little as R2,000 per trade.

Personally, I do this two or three times each month…

And it’s those very same opportunities that I will share with you. It means you’ll be looking to profit from this about two or three times a month – and beyond a couple of minutes you’ll spend placing a trade, that’s it…

That is the ONLY time you need to dedicate to this.

Realistically, it works out around an hour a month. So, spare that little bit of time and I’ll show you exactly how you can use this technique to profit.

Right now though, you’re probably wondering how it works…

It’s 100% legal but when you pull off your first ‘pickpocket trade’ you’ll feel like you’re robbing the markets blind – and believe me, you’ll never forget the thrill

… like this 26.45% gain in just 4 days…

These trades will be fast-paced. If you’d been getting Trader X’s tips on 23 January 2023, he would have told you to buy Sasol and take advantage of the rise of the spot price. 
4 days later, on Friday 27 January, he was telling you to lock in profits of 26.45% before the weekend and hold for a further run on your money!
Just think how exhilarating that would have been… watching your money grow an incredible 26.45% in just 4 days!  And you could have done it again in March when Trader X told readers to buy Sasol on 21 March, and selling 10 days later for a 30.98% gain!
That’s two quickfire profits from big oil in less than 3 months – banking you 57.43% from this blue chip!
The string of winners have come fast and furious… I’m talking about 219%, 24% and 26%, 31%, 30%, 16% – 22 winners and just six losers since January.

A cumulative gain of 399.88%
since January!

In fact, in the last quarter, readers have been able to bank 4 out of 6 trades as winners.

Of course, no short-term trading service only makes gains, Pickpocket members do experience losses. This is why we bank profits as our trades run (like Sasol and BAT) and we suggest you only risk 2% of your portfolio.

The secret to making consistent stock market gains

But before we move on, let me introduce myself…
My name is Annabel Koffman, I’m the publisher of one of SA’s largest independent financial publishers – Fleet Street Publications.
In my 23 years in this business, I’ve worked with many of the top stock market advisors and analysts. They all have their unique approach to hunting down investments. But what I value most in an analyst is quite simple…
The commitment to producing consistent results time and time again.
You see, the key to building true wealth is not the ‘once-a-year’ three-figure gain, it’s the regular gains of 24%, 55.56%, 66% or 45% that are reinvested over and over again.
And that’s why I recommend Trader X to you whole-heartedly…
He is a professional trader (and for these reasons prefers to keep his identity secret) but this does not affect his dedication to producing regular results for his readers…
You see, Trader X spends his time researching the international financial markets… and his in-depth understanding of  the top 100 companies in key markets and his detailed review of their earnings and economist evaluation of these results that allows him to predict when certain big brands  results are likely to be out of line with what the mainstream are thinking.
Using this ‘mispricing’ of the markets, he is able to capture readers some serious gains in big ticket brands like Adobe, British American Tobacco as well as currencies like the Pound, Dollar and Rand.
As a Pickpocket member, you can gain instant access to this wealth of knowledge along with clear, regular research on how you could profit from it.

Like the way to bag an incredible 77.2% gain in 3 days from the GBP/USD trade in February

This dedication means Trader X watches the US and European markets almost 24/7. If a sudden piece of news is likely to send a financial market crashing he can rush you an alert telling you that an index is about to go down or the Pound is set to slide against the US Dollar. Just like he did on January 31, he told readers to short the GBP/USD and just three days later readers were able to bank an incredible 77.2%

And Trader X tells you exactly when to CLOSE

Giving a great tip is only half of the bargain – you also need someone to tell you exactly when to sell.
And because Trader X is completely independent, you’ll get honest advice. He has no interest in making sure you hold on to your trades. His only interest is making you money. That’s why he’ll always give you a clear, time-sensitive instruction when to get out of the trade.
That’s very important when trading offshore stocks – there’s a difference between the buying and selling price. Sell at the wrong time and you could lose money.
So, on the 3rd February, Trader X would have given you a clear signal to close the GBP/USD trade and bank the 77.2% gain.
It’s that kind of trade that makes Pickpocket Trader so much fun – picking up on a well known company, index or forex pair and riding it for a tidy short-term gain…
And without Trader X’s dedication to the global markets you simply wouldn’t come close to trades like those.
But you and I both know a great track record doesn’t guarantee future success. That’s why I want you to decide about the quality of this trader’s tips for yourself. With your permission, I’d like to send you his next three-months of recommendations on a trial basis.
That means you can enjoy at least 10 of Trader X’s powerful short-term tips and see how they perform.
And I’m pretty sure that once you try his tips you won’t want to leave!
You won’t have to do any of the hard work to get in on these tips: He will tell you when to buy and sell – all you’ll have to do is read his regular tip alert, make a call to your stockbroker and you could have a tidy gain on your hands…

Get the inside story on the stock market

And tip-offs like this are just one benefit of having a professional trader on your side…
You see, Trader X has worked in the financial markets for over 18 years and gathered some valuable contacts during that time.

And now you have the chance to sample his expertise with no obligation to join Pickpocket Trader.
If you decide to try out Trader X’s tips for the next three-months, you’ll get any research, rumours or pointers he picks up in the markets (once he’s verified it) along with a tip to exploit the situation.
All this gives you access to investments long before the mainstream press catches on.
But remember, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can discover for yourself… 
You can get three-months of tips that could lead you to fantastic gains like this…

While everyone was still in holiday mode, you could have gained 26.45% on Sasol in the first 4 days…

Here’s what trader X sent his members on 23 January 2023…

“I will be buying (LONG) Sasol!

Many Asian markets are closed this week for Lunar New year, but oil prices are still running higher as traders start to price in China’s economy opening after Beijing ended its Zero-Covid policy.

This will create demand in the system and will be supportive of oil prices. At the same time, according to Opec’s January monthly report, the cartel believes oil demand will be sluggish for 2023 and 2024.

That means they’re not going to increase supply. When you have low supply and high demand, prices rise. This should be good for oil bulls and good for Sasol.

From a chartist’s point of view, Sasol is also looking ripe for the picking. A double top formed at the R300 price level in late 2021. This horizontal resistance has been smashed today and should now become support. I’m happy for you to buy at R301.50 and watch the price run this higher.”

He included this chart and instruction…

Here are the trade specifics:
I will be buying (going LONG) Sasol CFDs
Symbol: SOL CFD
Side: BUY
Order Type: Limit
Validity: GTC
Entry: R301.50
Stop loss: R255.00
Take profit: R359.00
Margin per single contract: R50.86

And 4 days later before the weekend, Trader X sent his members this note:

“Sasol CFD (SOL)
On Monday afternoon I sent a trade idea to buy Sasol (SOL) CFDs at R301.50.

The stock opened at this exact price on Tuesday morning and traded down to R297.10.

After then posting strong first half results, the stock is up to R320.48 which represents a 37.32% gain.

I’ll be locking in a profit too, while we wait to see if it can go higher.

ACTION: I’m adjusting my stop loss to R315 to lock in 26.45% profit.

Enjoy the weekend!”

It couldn’t be simpler…

Keep up to date with your money with Trader X’s weekly trading bulletins…

And while you should receive around 40 or more of these trades a year, Trader X won’t send you a tip for the sake of it… if an opportunity hasn’t taken shape yet or all the market factors aren’t there, he’ll tell you…
But whether he’s got a tip or not, Trader X will send you a complete update on the Pickpocket Trader portfolio every week… so you’ll always be on top of what’s happening with your trades.

An Average Gain of 18.72% since the Start of the Year!

Just so you know, Trader X closed out 22out of 28 winners since January and has 5 trades open! That’s a sensational strike rate.
But a great track record doesn’t always guarantee future success, that’s why I want you to discover how Trader X’s next three-months of trades will perform for yourself.
You see, Trader X has been helping ordinary private investors just like you make regular short-term gains for nearly 5 years – including some of the toughest periods in stock market history.
In December 2022 they bagged a 503% gain from the USDJPY, in just 37 days! 
In July 2023 they closed out 4 out of 4 winners!
And Trader X locked in gains on the USD/ZAR  in July.

Like I said, not every stock Trader X recommends will turn a profit – that’s pretty much impossible, especially when you’re trading at this kind of pace. And you should be aware that the risk involved in geared trading means you could lose more than your initial stake.
But if you’re prepared to take a few losses to enjoy the thrill of short-term trading, this is the ideal service for you. Plus, Trader X will always set specific stop-loss targets as you saw in the chart and the trade note so you can keep your loss to a minimum.

Trader X’s next tip could make you gains of 24% and even 503% in the next 3 months.

So, the question is… what does Trader X have in store for the next three-months? Right now, he has his eye on a trade that could bring another healthy gain to the pot…
Naturally, I can’t tell you too much about that trade here – that wouldn’t be fair on Pickpocket Trader members.
Trader X is just waiting for the perfect moment to enter his next trade…
Take up my invitation to try Trader X’s tips and you could be in on that trade. But you can’t hang around, the buy signal could come in the next few days…

How 5% of your portfolio could outstrip the other 95%!

Remember, you don’t have to invest vast amounts of money in Pickpocket Trader recommendations to be a winner. In fact, Trader X recommends you invest just 2-5% of your entire portfolio on Pickpocket trades…
You see, the speed at which Traders have the potential to turn over profits means that R2,000 could bring you substantial gains every few weeks or months. It’s even possible the 2-5% you start with brings in more returns than the rest of your portfolio over the same period.
As I mentioned earlier, the excitement of short-term trading does carry certain risks – especially if you’re trading CFDs – but Trader X will help you control this risk as much as possible.

How much would you pay for Trader X’s lucrative research?

Now, bearing in mind that Pickpocket Trader has the potential to deliver you regular profits of between 24%, 26% and even 503%, I want to ask you a question…

How much would you expect to pay for a service like this?

Look on the Internet and you’ll discover most short-term trading services charge between R5,000 and R17,500 a year for membership…

That’s a fair price when you consider the profit potential of making regular, fast-paced trades month after month.

But I believe Trader X’s experience and commitment makes a subscription to Pickpocket Trader much better value than any of those services. And I want to make it possible for at least a 100 people to try it.

That’s why I’m happy to charge less than R5,000…

I’m so confident anyone who tries Pickpocket Trader will want his high quality tips year after year, I’m prepared to offer you a whole year of Pickpocket Trader tips for just R3,700 a year or R925 per quarter.

Depending on how much you invest you could make that amount back on your very first trade…

Only 100 RSVP’s will be accepted to trial Trader X’s services for the next 3-months risk-free.

Join the Pickpocket Trader service today and I’ll give you a full three-months to discover exactly how much you can make by trading with Trader X – maybe even paper trade for a while until you feel comfortable.
That time will also give you a chance to get used to the exciting pace of closing out trades every few months and to appreciate just how quickly your money can grow when trading on such a regular basis.
If you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever during that time, you can simply cancel your membership and receive a full refund. There won’t be any awkward questions or disputes – you’ll just get all your subscription money back.
Opportunities to try out tips from a man with Trader X’s experience don’t come around every day. That’s why you should grab it – just click on the link below and complete the online trial membership form.

Claim your FREE short-term trading report today!

And to help you get started, I’ll send you a FREE copy of Trader X’s User guide to short-term trading: How to make fast profits from short-term trading. This is a special starter-pack put together by Trader X to give you step-by-step guidance on how to follow his tips and trade successfully for potential profits.
The report gives you clear, practical information on his strategy and full contact details of the best brokers to trade with. It also reveals some of the real secrets of trading that the professionals would prefer you did not know.
This report is yours to keep whether you decide to stay with Pickpocket Trader after three-months or not. It’s an invaluable read for any investor.

Your chance to discover how quickly regular short-term gains can build your wealth

No sooner will you have all this introductory information than you could receive an urgent alert from Trader X telling you to get in on his latest trade…
So, you’d better be ready for action! That alert will take you no more than 10 minutes to read… two minutes to call your broker… yet – like the trade I mentioned at the start of this letter – it could make you gains of 26% or more in as little as 4 days!
Make gains like that on a regular basis and you could see your money grow faster than ever before. Remember, invest just 2-5% of your portfolio and in 12-months time it could outstrip the gains for the other 95%.
To get started all you have to do is click on the link below and complete the online registration form.
Remember, Trader X is on a roll at the moment – and since the start of the year has had 22 straight wins. Complete the application form by clicking on the link below and you could be in on his next success.
Yours sincerely,

Annabel Koffman,
Publisher, FSP Investment Research
P.S: There hasn’t been a better time to take this three-month trial. Trader X’s trades has landed his investors 22 winners and just 6 losers so far this year. Accept my invitation today and discover just how much money regular short-term trading can make you. Just click on the link below.

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