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Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Francois Joubert. Small Cap analyst and writer of Red Hot Penny Shares.

When it comes to investing in the stock market, I believe there’s only ONE way to make serious gains.

It’s not something you’re likely to hear about from a broker, or any run-of–the-mill financial advisor. In fact, it remains virtually overlooked by the majority of mainstream investors.

Today I’d like to show you why I think it’s entirely possible for you to make DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in the next 12 months … Because although there are still gloomy economic headlines out there right now, it doesn’t mean investment opportunities are thin on the ground.

In fact, the small cap market is thriving amidst global market chaos. And many small companies are sitting at bargain prices, primed to rebound as the market catches on.

Remember the financial crisis of 2008, well that’s when I started investing in this particular type of small cap share.

I was at university and just 19 years of age.

I started with R15,000 and within 24 months, I’d paid off my study loan, bought my first property and started a business with the money I made from the shares I bought with my initial investment…

Since then I’ve used it to pay for and finance my:

  • House – I live out near Harties…
  • My car
  • Four property investments – already giving me a profit of around R12,000 a month
  • My wife’s car
  • Our holidays  – I’ve been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Mozambique and all over SA.

At 34, I’m pretty much debt – free!

Now you may just think I’m lucky but over the years, I’ve helped family members like my father and uncle, fund their retirement by setting up their own portfolios.

And it’s also why in 2010 I decided to chuck in my engineering job to pursue my passion for investing and join FSP Investment Research.

And it’s paid off.

It enabled me to do two things.

First, to concentrate my skills and experience on penny share investing, and second, to help the novice investor through my newsletter, Red Hot Penny Shares.

Since 2010, I’ve been helping a a small group of investors grow their wealth. Those who have been with me since the beginning have grown their money more than twentyfold even in the toughest market we’ve seen over the last decade.

In fact, had you followed each of my recommendations since 2010 you could’ve easily turned R100,000 into more than R2,623,214 by today.

And it doesn’t matter when you start – here’s the kind of performance my total small cap investment portfolio has delivered in the past 5 years:

2018 – 7.96%
2019 – 11.99%
2020 – 64.37%
2021 – 72.82%
2022 – 52.53%

The same amount invested in a Money Market account would’ve turned your R100,000 into only R210,867 between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2022.

That means your investment in the kind of small cap shares I recommend would’ve outperformed the market more than twentyfold!


But I say: “that’s all in the past what about 2023 and beyond”.

Here’s what my inside analysis tells me the next five Double your Money Stock Plays are…

    • 125% in the bag with this one… Discover how this exotic retailer could easily be the most lucrative investment you make this year.
    • Double dip on this ‘real estate’ stock – not only will it pay you 11.17% just for owning it, it could grow your capital by at least 91% this year alone!
    • This could be my #1 recovery share of 2023! Buy it now and you could make 3 times your money in a matter of months
    • SA’s tourism sector took a huge knock but this hotel group is set for a massive rebound in 2023 – as much as 96% but you need to get in now!
    • A unique opportunity to buy into the best performing asset in the world at a 47% discount! And virtually no downside risk…

That’s more than 600% gains from just five stocks – Now can you see how easily they can kick-start your million rand portfolio.

These kind of share moves could turn R10,000 into R20,000, R50,000 into R100,000 or even R100,000 into R200,000 in the next 12 months….

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t always make 100%… Sometimes you’ll come away with 56% or 85%… or you may even make 5 times your money.

But what I can 100% guarantee is:

~ You don’t need thousands of rands to do it

~ You don’t need to be a professional and,

~ You don’t need to know the first thing about investing in the stock market.

That’s the beauty of this unusual type of investment.

It’s the most ignored sector of the financial markets. The big institutions and fund managers pay no attention to it just because it’s way too small for them but not for the regular investor like you or me.  And the best part is you can start with R1,000, R5,000 or R10,000 – whatever you can afford.

With that in mind, I would like to help you by giving you my insights every month in Red Hot Penny Shares.

Today I’d like to work for YOU. I’d like you to accept my risk-free offer which includes a 12 month, no obligation membership to Red Hot Penny Shares, which includes:

#1 My Top Five Small Cap Shares to Start your Million Rand Portfolio

In return, you’ll receive instant access to the five company profiles featured in this offer so you can position yourself to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in the next 12 months.

Of course, if you don’t want to invest you can just study my analysis. Read about each company…

Watch their progress… Or simply ‘paper trade’ my recommendations to see if they are correct. This way you can make sure small cap share investing is something you’re comfortable with before putting up your cash. It’s entirely up to you.

Either way, I pledge you this: See them profit. Or get a full refund.

#2 Get FULL access to my entire portfolio for the next 12 months

The five exciting stock tips I’ve outlined here are really only the beginning.

Right now my portfolio is absolutely jam-packed with stocks. And I think every single one of them is brimming with the potential to make you money. Sign up for your ‘Double your Money’ Wealth Package today, and you’ll have full access immediately.

#3 Issues of Red Hot Penny Shares, Giving You My Best Stock Ideas Each Month

Once a month, you’ll receive a newsletter detailing my latest small cap pick. I’ll tell you what the risks and potential rewards are, what price I recommend to get in at, and what I’ve calculated as a realistic target price. PLUS, I’ll tell you what action to take on existing shares in the portfolio, whether to buy more, sell or hold your position for the time being. Plus I’ll update you on important market events and what they mean for you and your portfolio.

#4 Weekly email updates

My weekly Tuesday email alerts will bring you up to date on our current share selections, and up-to the-minute information on emerging penny share winners to boost your portfolio – in short, everything you need to know to quickly act on and make money.

#5 Private access to the Members-Only section of our website

You’ll get your own personal password so you can log onto our investment portal, day or night. Here you will discover all my personal recommendations and a constantly expanding library of special reports and specific time sensitive opportunities.

#6 Special broker rates with some of the top brokerages in the country

I have negotiated special discounted rates with some of the best brokerage houses in South Africa – exclusively for my Red Hot Penny Shares members.

Now that I’ve told you exactly what you’ll get with your Double your Money Wealth package, is there really any reason not to get started straight away… ?

 Three More Important Free Gifts!

FREE GIFT #1: The Investor’s Toolkit

This exclusive report is designed as a step-by-step guide for new stock market investors. In it you will find all the tools, tips and tricks you need to intelligently evaluate any share on the market; including how to grasp the intricacies of PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, cash flow and more.

FREE GIFT #2: How to Make Big Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares

This guide includes absolutely everything you need to know about investing in… and profiting from… the exciting world of penny shares.

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MoneyMorning daily e-letters are packed with ‘must-know’ market intelligence and contrarian commentary by top market analysts that will take you into the exciting world of investing. If you hate to waste time reading mediocre financial ‘news’, then you’ll love MoneyMorning!

I’m very excited to have you on board as the newest member of Red Hot Penny Shares.

All you have to do is fill out the order form below to get started.

And remember, your order today is 100% protected by our 365-day money-back guarantee.

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You’ll have a full year to track the performance of Francois’ small cap stocks. You’ll get all the issues of Red Hot Penny Shares.

You can explore the special reports.

And if anything doesn’t live up to the billing over the first year, you can call us up for a full refund.

PLUS, you’ll get to keep everything you’ve received up to that point – free of charge.

You have nothing to lose by at least giving Red Hot Penny Shares a try and receiving all of your bonuses right now.

Listen… there’s a lot of trouble in the markets right now.

But when you find ways to profit from the chaos, you can come out of it in a better position than ever before.

And Francois is looking forward to these stocks potentially helping you do just that.

So go ahead and fill out the order form below to get started… and you’ll begin receiving every one of your reports and bonuses in the next few minutes.

I look forward to having you as the newest member of Red Hot Penny Shares.

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There’s absolutely no obligation when you join. You can cancel at any time.

It’s time to grow your wealth today – let me help you.

Here’s to unleashing real value,

Francois Joubert

Penny Share Analyst

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