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Right now we believe there are 3 key trends, that every investor needs to be following.

Each one of them with the potential to generate incredibly profitable, income-gushing investment opportunities as they kick off.

I’m talking about:

  1. Artificial Intelligence – AI
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Currency Decentralisation

Here at the South African Investor, we have identified companies in each sector that we believe are in the best position to profit early on as these super trends unfold.

We’ve already witnessed the energy crisis as a result of the Ukraine/Russia war, we’ve read about the race for critical resources to fuel electric vehicles, thanks to Tesla and Elon Musk and if you haven’t heard of the advances occurring right now in AI, then you have to be living under a rock!

The opportunity is here, you just need to know where to look. And that’s where the South African investor comes in…

The moment you come on board as a member, you’re going to receive these 6 special reports… each one detailing the best opportunities in that sector to profit from now.

My aim is to help you ride those moves right to their peak.

I'm Joshua Benton

I'm Joshua Benton

As Editorial Director of the South African chapter of one of the biggest global private wealth management clubs in the world, I’m able to provide my members access to the best investment ideas from some of the most successful thought leaders and investors around the world.

South African Investor has been serving the South African private investing community for over 23 years, evolving our research as the markets and trends evolve.

Since 1999, we have built up an impressive global network…

Our South African Investor panel is made up of authors… investors.… advisors to the rich…portfolio managers… value investing experts…and much more.

Many of them you will have seen on CNBC and Bloomberg TV, heard them on the radio, or read their opinions.  Names you will be familiar with, like Gary Booysen, Viv Govender and Francois Joubert.

Then there are panel members like Leon Louw, Sam Volkering and Dan Denning who have given sell-out presentations to traders and analysts in every major “hub” of the financial system, including London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen, Dublin and San Francisco.

And founder of both the South African chapter and the global Agora, Bill Bonner, is widely sought out for his predictions on gold and the future of fiat currency.

Quite simply, we are well connected.

What I do here is something I’m truly proud of.

Because I don’t help companies get richer. I help ordinary investors, like you, get rich.


Every month, my team of investment experts and I publish unique and reliable wealth-building ideas most regular investors never hear about.

Our track record speaks for itself

Our portfolio has banked gains like:

  • 82.59% on Broadcom(AVGO)
  • 94.42% on Maxar Technologies (MAXR)
  • 103.21% on ServiceNow (NOW)
  • 103.52% on AutoDesk (ADSK)
  • 102.18% on Amazon (AMZN)
  • 113.48% on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • 191.25% on Square (SQ)

And just recently we locked in these incredible gains on the exploding AI megatrend!

  • 86.61% in just 4 months on
  • 61.65% in only 3 months on Nvidia

Proof that no matter what’s going on in the market – whether we’re enjoying a bull run or riding out a bear market – we’re constantly providing members with new ways to generate profits.

With that in mind, I would like to help you by giving you our insights every month in The South African investor.

When you become a member today, you’ll get instant access to all the benefits, including these 6 bonus reports we believe could change how you invest!

6 Bonus Reports to Change How You Invest

It begins with South African Investor report, “Three AI wealth explosions for 2024”.
Inside, you’ll get the ticker symbol and buying instructions for the 3 AI stocks we are recommending now.

My personal favourite AI play that specialises in robotic process automation (RPA). This company’s RPA tools can be plugged into a company’s existing software to automate repetitive tasks like entering data, processing invoices, and on-boarding customers. It then harnesses the power of AI to make its software more intelligent.

The company does this “AI automation” for over 10,800 customers in over 100 countries. By 2025, AI automation is poised to become a +$93 billion market. Yet its current market cap sits at just under $14 billion. So there’s huge potential to unlock. I’m talking as much as 200% upside in the coming years.

South African Investor

Then, our second key trend research report is all about Energy… And if there’s one energy market that’s hot right now, it’s Nuclear!

According to a recent World Nuclear Association (WNA) report, Nuclear capacity is expected to rise by 14% by 2030 and surge by 76% to 686 gigawatt electric (GWe) by 2040.

This growth in demand for Nuclear means one thing… Demand for the “fuel” that powers nuclear will boom too! The “fuel” I’m talking about is Uranium.

And in your Energy report, I’ll reveal the ONE company producing the next-gen nuclear fuel… It counts the US government and US utilities as customers. It is also highly diversified with European and Asia customers. The company has an order book of $1 billion – that’s around 4x potential growth compared to its 2022 revenue.

Critical Resources to enable these key trends

AI, renewable energy, nuclear, electric vehicle technology, you name it  -all place significant demands on our natural resources.  As I mentioned above, Uranium is essential for nuclear power, lithium and copper are critical for batteries and microchips required to power electric vehicles and solar. But these are finite resources and as demand increases exponentially, so supply will tighten and prices will rocket!

The race to own critical resources is on and we believe these three commodity plays in this report could generate big profits for your portfolio in 2024 and beyond.

Then of course we cannot forget cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the future of digital currencies…  We’ve already seen the boom and bust in Bitcoin, and it’s inevitable rise again. All of these sectors are part of the massive evolution the world is undergoing and we have each area covered.  You will find a report on every key global trend and how to profit from it.

And the best part, we don’t just send you these reports and leave you to figure out what next, that’s where out monthly insights from South African Investor come in.

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#2: Issues of the South African investor – Give You Our Best Stock Ideas Each Month

With each monthly issue of South African investor, I will share insights on the economy, interest rates, business developments and, of course, our favourite stocks to buy now.

I watch the money flows. I track company insiders to see what they are buying or selling. I follow the money, whether its institutions, hedge funds or the companies themselves I look for great profit margins, breakthrough products and rocketing sales… and when you find these traits, you are most likely to succeed as an investor.

#3: Access to All South African Investor Benefits

These include…

  • South African Investor issues with behind-the-scenes intelligence from the team, as well as the global network of associates.
  • Special Investor Reports like “Five Smart Ways to Profit from Resource Scarcity, How to trade Crypto and What is Defi?
    Password-protected access to the Members-only website
  • Our model portfolios
  • Access to our Pillar One Advisors, including experts in collectibles, real estate, tax law, insurance and more.

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PLUS, you’ll get to keep everything you’ve received up to that point – free of charge. You have nothing to lose by at least giving South African investor a try and receiving all of your bonuses right now.

One of our AI stocks has already helped our readers bank 50% in profits and if Wall Street analysts are right, then there’s still at least 200%+ more in each of these stocks.

That’s about as good of an opportunity as any we’ll see in this market.

So go ahead and fill out the order form to get started… and you’ll be able to access every one of your  bonuses in the next few minutes.

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