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This kind of trading advice will ruin you!

There is a right way to motivate your trading and there is a wrong way. And as a new trader you’re likely fielding advice from all sorts of sources – youtube, tiktok! the financial media, as well as professionals and other novices. What’s sometimes difficult is to weed out the good trading advice from the bad and hopefully these four pointers will help you do that…

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How China’s first tech policy could derail US Chip companies future profits

Over the past couple of years, China and the US have been involved in a good old fashioned “tech race”. And now, China’s first tech policy is its most significant step in the global Tech War. So, what does it mean for investors in US chip companies?

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Copper 360: this JSE copper miner is about to DOUBLE…

I’ve written about Copper 360 before. This little copper miner joined the JSE in 2023 with a focus on processing historical mined copper dumps, and then pivoting into shallow copper mining… But since its listing the company’s made big progress, and it has just penned a new deal that will see it double copper production over night!

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AI news you need to know about as an investor!

It’s been less than two years since ChatGPT was released to the public — but the economic impact of the AI is already undeniable. Everywhere from your doctor’s office to your financial advisor to the football game on TV, AI is being used behind the scenes. It’s optimising creative content, managing timetables and streamlining operations. Most importantly, AI is creating an incredibly exciting time for the markets…
Unlocking huge developments and money-making opportunities. Here’s the latest AI news..

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Here’s comes a boom in the AI PC market!

Enter the AI Personal Computer… Imagine working on your computer… You pull up Microsoft Office, Excel or PowerPoint… And boom, there’s an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant to help you create whatever document, spreadsheet or presentation you’re working on. You won’t need to open ChatGPT or any other AI chatbot… You just tap into the AI that is already built into your computer.

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Two big Dividend Stock payers to put on your watch list in 2024-G

You may find it hard to believe but dividends accounted for over 90% of returns for US Investors over the last century. That’s according to a study conducted by the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, in 2010. And if that’s not enough to make you want a few dividend stock payers in your portfolio, then consider that more than half of Warren Buffett’s wealth can be attributed to… Dividends! As I’ll show you in a moment, dividend stock payers in SA have also been significant wealth builders for South African investors.

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