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How you can use Wyckoff’s method to predict the next Bitcoin rally!

Early this year, I wrote that I expected Bitcoin to rally due to a powerful indicator, known as Wyckoff’s Method. Back then, Bitcoin was in the accumulation phase, preparing for upside to come. Well, that day has come. In this article, we’ll go through the four phases and why we could see Bitcoin at $50,000 soon.

Let’s start with how it works…

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Why has Iron Ore soared over 35% since May?

Like many other commodities, Iron Ore started 2023 on a high note.From January to mid-March, it rallied over 23% higher.From there, the Iron Ore (and other commodities) price started to turn…and head in the other direction.But surprisingly the direction changed after it dipped below $100 in late May.Since then, it has soared over 35%! So why the about turn for Iron ore when many other commodities have not followed suit?

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What are SSBs and how will they change the future of EVs?

What’s arguably the one thing that’s been holding back the growth of electric vehicle (EV) technology?The time it takes and the frequency with which you have to find a charging station for your electric vehicle.However, thanks to this technology I’m about to introduce to you today, this problem could be solved.In fact, manufacturers like GM…Ford…Toyota…BMW…Honda…Volkswagen…have already jumped on board and are racing to get this tech inside their vehicles.It’s so potentially disruptive, the winner of this race could see an end to the competition or certainly see them trailing behind.What am I talking about?

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What do the JSE’s two car retailers have to offer investors?

In 2022 South Africa’s automotive industry saw a 14% improvement in new car sales.At the same time – sales were still around 50% lower than the 2013 highs…But this recovery trend has suddenly stalled.Interest rates are taking their toll, and consumers are in distress.So – are car sales on the upward or downward trend? And what do they spellfor the two car retailers on the JSE?

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