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This kind of trading advice will ruin you!

There is a right way to motivate your trading and there is a wrong way. And as a new trader you’re likely fielding advice from all sorts of sources – youtube, tiktok! the financial media, as well as professionals and other novices. What’s sometimes difficult is to weed out the good trading advice from the bad and hopefully these four pointers will help you do that…

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Trading Strategies: Why you should date your trades rather than marry them

Trading a market is like serial dating.  It’s one where you have no interest in a long-term relationship or marriage. You get in, hold for a short period of time and then you exit. The date or the trade can either go well or go bad. But you know, it will come to an end. And then you will move onto the next date (trade). Here’s why you never want to ‘marry’ a trade…

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