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Have you invested in the “big Oil” of AI tech?

The Big Oil era of the 20th century has been replaced in the 21st. I’m talking about the new ‘Big Oil’ of Technology! You see, today we live in an exploding era of technological advancements – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Green Energy, Electric Vehicles (EVs)…you name it.
And all these technologies cannot run without this one thing…

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How the misfortune of supply ship, Ever Given changed the world…

In 2021 one of the world’s biggest ships, the Ever Given, got stuck in the Suez Canal for six days. It dammed up hundreds of ships – and cost world trade $10 billion per day! It should’ve been a big wake up call for the shipping industry – and the aftermath of supply chain problems it, together with the Covid pandemic, created should have changed how businesses manage their supply chains. But today very little has changed.

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Three ways to profit from the epic uranium supply squeeze

A few days ago I told you how Morgan Stanley has dubbed uranium “the hottest commodity for 2024”, and more importantly how it could lead to you 2×, 3× even 10×’g your money. And now its been confirmed – uranium has officially been added to the Global Critical Mineral’s list!

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Why Morgan Stanley dubbed Uranium the hottest Commodity in 2024…

We first wrote about Nuclear and the coming epic uranium “supply squeeze” in South African Investor as far back as April 2022. Since then, uranium’s price has more than doubled – sending our investments in uranium ETF and miners 30%, 40% and 80% higher.
Now that the uranium price is past a 16-year high, the big institutional players are piling in. And that means, the uranium profit-opportunity for investors just got even bigger…

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