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Two ways to separate the good dividend payers from the bad before you invest!

Dividend investing should form part of every investor’s portfolio… and even more so if you are retired. That’s because a selection of great dividend payers can end up paying you a regular income. But finding the right dividends stocks… ones that will consistently pay you year in and year out…is not so straightforward.

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Why you should care about dividends in volatile markets

Investing in dividend stocks is a great way to hedge yourself against volatility. Penny shares are inherently volatile. These small companies can shoot up, or crash down 10%, 20% or even 30% in a single day.Owning stocks that pay dividends, especially BIG dividends, means you get some downside protection. Because even if a stock drops in price – if it pays you a dividend that’s cash in your pocket.

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Could this plan to REVIVE Transnet succeed?

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the World Bank Container Port Performance Index (CPPI). And that South Africa’s ports were ranked among the worst in the world with Cape Town coming in last! In 2023 the delays at ports cost SA’s economy around R98 million ($5.2 million) a day. In addition, the movement of around R7 billion worth of goods were delayed. But there could be light at the end of the tunnel… as Transnet taps into SA’s private sector expertise

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The 5 rules of dividend investing – and why dividends are more reliable than profits

Investors like to look at growing profits as an indicator of company health – and potential returns. But earnings can be manipulated. There are myriad ways to create profits on paper. Earnings are basically an accountant’s best guess of a company’s profitability. All too often, companies must restate their past reported earnings because of aggressive accounting practices, and this can cause considerable trouble for investors, who may have already based future stock price predictions on these (unreliable) historical earnings.
However, you can be sure no accountant can restate dividends. And no company can take back your dividends. Once that cash payment hits your account – it’s yours to do with as you like.

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Are you ready for this next big development in AI?

In February 2024, Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) unveiled something historic at the 2024 Mobile World Congress. Something that could kick-off a new AI revolution…But it had nothing to do with computers, laptops, data centres or a new app. Instead, Deutsche Telekom, with collaboration from Qualcomm and revealed a visionary “AI phone” concept.

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Discover the Six Thinking Hats: Your Secret Weapon for Trading and Life Success!

Hey there! If you haven’t come across the Six Thinking Hats yet, let me ask you this: How do you usually tackle problems, settle arguments, or make big decisions? It’s okay if you’re new to this concept; it’s not something they teach in school. But trust me, once you grasp these strategies, they can transform every aspect of your life – even your trading game.

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Do you exhibit these traits of a successful trader?

Q. “I feel some people are just made and are destined for success, while others must just work with what they are dealt with. And I’ve read many articles where you say, anyone can make a success from trading if they get their mind and strategy right. Well, my question is, can you tell if there are any signs or traits that are needed to succeed and profit when trading? I want to at least have some semblance of hope that I have a chance of becoming a successful trader.”

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