Why is it only 5% of traders consistently make money in the markets? Today, I’m going to uncover the three main reasons why 95% of traders lose.

I’ve been able to generate a steady income over the past 15 years trading, and here’s what I’ve learnt to avoid becoming a statistic.

Why 95% of traders lose: Reason #1: Getting Caught up in News Hype

We’ve all done it – watching Bloomberg or CNBC, a big news announcement comes out, and suddenly we’re itching to make a move based on the latest information. The problem is, everyone else is doing the same thing. News travels fast, and by the time you’ve heard it, millions of other traders worldwide have too. The market has already factored in that information. Instead of being glued to the TV, I rely on a system to trade based on the market’s unpredictable reaction to news.

Why 95% of traders lose: Reason #2: Not Taking Responsibility

In trading, your portfolio’s fate lies in your hands. Every financial decision you make is your responsibility. Novice traders often blame others – friends, mentors, even pets – for their losses. The truth is, you’re the one making the decisions and executing trades. Accept that you can’t win every trade, take responsibility for your choices, and focus on developing a winning strategy while following strict money management rules.

Why 95% of traders lose: Reason #3: Lack of Mentorship and Strategy

In the unpredictable world of trading, two crucial elements are needed from the start: a strict, proven trading strategy with clear entry, exit, and risk levels, and a mentor who has experienced the ups and downs of the market. A mentor can guide you, helping you avoid costly mistakes, enhance your winning trades, and cut your losses. With a solid strategy and a mentor’s support, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the markets and minimize potential losses.

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