Could this be the best income investment on the market right now? It’s a brand-new ETF that has just hit the market. It promises to protect your money from high inflation by paying you a yield more than DOUBLE inflation!

This ETF offers more income on your investment than any other asset

It’s an actively managed ETF backed by a reputable R50 billion institution. And with a current yield of 11.8%, you’ll receive…

• 44% more income than cash investments
• 15% more income than SA bonds

…Over 12 months.

I introduced Actively Managed ETFs to Real Wealth readers back in June 2023 as it’s a new and growing product in SA’s markets.

These ETFs track a benchmark (like a standard ETF), but the portfolio manager has the freedom to change sector allocations, execute market-time trades or deviate from the index as they see fit. This means, they have the freedom to buy undervalued assets and sell overvalued ones allowing them to capture higher returns or yields.

Why this type of ETF over a Unit Trust?

Actively managed ETFs also hold a few advantages over Unit Trusts. For example, anyone who can access JSE-listed shares, that includes retail investors with online trading accounts, can invest in an ETF.

Whereas a unit trust must be bought through an investment service provider or from the fund manager directly and this often involves high fees.

As listed products, actively managed ETFs trade on the JSE throughout the day meaning there’s more liquidity, while unit trusts are priced just once daily.

Moreover, you can see the daily ETF holdings, while traditional unit trusts are only obliged to disclose their holdings quarterly. This way you can tell exactly what investments the fund is holding at that very moment.

If you’d like to learn more about these actively managed ETFs and which one I believe is the best Income investment by far in 2024, then make sure you get a copy of my latest issue of Real Wealth. Just go here.

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