Joshua Benton - Analyst, Real Wealth and Managing Editor, South African Investor

Nvidia! Data Centres… and a profit-opportunity you cannot ignore!

On Wednesday , 22 May, the company leading the AI race – Nvidia – reported its first-quarter earnings. And they absolutely smashed investor expectations. The chipmaker beat analysts’ estimates on every single front. In fact, it was Nvidia’s most profitable and highest sales quarter ever! Now, when you investigate Nvidia’s results a little closer, it’s no surprise that the lion’s share of its record growth came from…

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What is “CODI” and how can it benefit you?

Let’s say you have R100,000 in a South African bank… Then something catastrophic happens… A serious credit or liquidity event impacts the bank where your money’s located. That triggers the bank’s collapse. Worried, you try to withdraw your money… Only for the bank to say, “we don’t have it”. Now, you’ve lost R100,000 in an instant. That’s where CODI can help.

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