A. Identify the trend with the Daily Bias!

The ‘Daily Bias’ tells us which direction, trend and environment the market is in and where the market is more likely to move in the day.

You get two types of Daily Biases.

Bullish Daily Bias VS Bearish Daily Bias

#1: Bullish Daily Bias

When the market environment is UP and the trend is UP – We look for long positions (buys) in the market.

3 Easy ways to spot a bullish daily bias:

1. Price breaks up from a downtrend and into an uptrend.

2. There is a prominent & evident uptrend with higher lows.

3. There is a diagonal support line showing a strong uptrend.

Now we can move onto the next daily bias.

#2: Bearish Daily Bias

When the market environment is DOWN and the trend is DOWN – We look for shorts (sells) in the market.

There are a few ways to spot a bearish Daily Bias,

1. We see the price break out of the uptrend, and into a new downtrend.

2. There is a prominent and evident downtrend where the price keeps moving down and keeps making lower highs.

So here you can see the two biases in action:

Daily bias trend