Here’s what we can learn for 2024 by analyzing the Best and Worst Performing Shares on the JSE in 2024.

Let’s take a look…

The best and worst performing shares on the JSE in 2023

Best performing shares

Firstly – you’ll notice the lack of BIG NAMES on there. Sure there’s Sanlam, Reinet and Goldfields. But the majority of these stocks on the list have market caps of less than R10 billion. Simply put – small and mid cap stocks are the ones that provide the single biggest gains on the JSE. Ignore them at your own peril.

Then, looking at the sectors that performed?

Property, Gold, Construction were the main sectors that saw big gains in 2023…

But in my eyes, the stocks that performed well in 2023 were the laggards from the 2022 post-Covid recovery…

For 2024 I expect property stocks to provide another good year – they are on 10%+ dividend yields and most are trading at 30-50% discounts to their underlying asset values…

The price of gold remains high. But perhaps more importantly – platinum is up 9% in the past six months. And should it rise more from here – platinum stocks could follow gold stocks upward.

So what did the JSE’s worst performing shares for the year look like?

Worst performing shares

Looking at this list – again small cap stocks stand out. So not only are they the top performers – but they are also the most volatile.

Platinum stocks had the worst year of all, with Eastplats, Impala, Southern Palladium, Wesizwe, Sibanye all being on the list.

The platinum price was at $1,293 in 2021 – and has since come down just over $1,000. But it hit a low of around $850 in 2023 – which is what is behind the drop. Concerns over platinum demand now that electric vehicles are taking off, is one of the biggest things that should be on the minds of platinum producers right now…

Mittal was hit by Transnet’s troubles, whilst Ayo and EOH have been embattled due to scandals and fraud allegations.

I believe platinum stocks have been overly punished – and are definitely on the list of stocks you should keep an eye on in 2024. I specifically like Jubilee…

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