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One year ago I told investors to buy Bell Equipment… What’s happened now?

One year ago, I told Red Hot Penny Shares investors to grab shares in Bell Equipment.I told investors that: “Bell Equipment released results for the year ended 30 June 2023 and the company had a smashing year!Revenue soared from R4.2 billion to R6 billion, with profit for the period jumping from R210 million to R348 million.”So what’s going on with the company – and where is it headed from here?

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What do the JSE’s two car retailers have to offer investors?

In 2022 South Africa’s automotive industry saw a 14% improvement in new car sales.At the same time – sales were still around 50% lower than the 2013 highs…But this recovery trend has suddenly stalled.Interest rates are taking their toll, and consumers are in distress.So – are car sales on the upward or downward trend? And what do they spellfor the two car retailers on the JSE?

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Is this 162-year-old JSE stock’s dividend safe?

Since the JSE All Share Index hit an all-time high earlier in January, the index is down around 9%. As a result, many JSE listed share prices have also fallen.
Now, as you know, when a company’s share price falls, its dividend yield rises. That means, there’s quite a lot of JSE stocks sitting on high dividend yields right now. One of these high-yielders is a 162-year-old transport guru.

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